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Vilamoura :. ALGARVE, Portugal - VILAMOURA

Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
Aerial view of the town of Vilamoura, Marina, hotels and the beach

Vilamoura is according to many, the best tourist destination in Portugal and even Europe. It is a luxury destination, associated with a sophisticated lifestyle, but at the same time relaxing. About 30 minutes from Faro International Airport, Vilamoura meets all conditions as a great holiday destination, or for the more fortunate, as the site for housing.

History of Vilamoura

Arthur Cupertino de Miranda, the founder of Vilamoura
Arthur Cupertino de Miranda, the founder of Vilamoura

Vilamoura was founded by Arthur Cupertino de Miranda in the decade of 60, when this man acquired the land of 1600 hectares, known as "Quinta de Quarteira" and turned it in the tourist resort now known as Vilamoura.

Contrary to most tourist destinations in the Algarve, Vilamoura has a recent history since it was purposely architected to satisfy all those who like to enjoy the natural beauty, a relaxed atmosphere, but without neglecting the dynamism and good taste.

Vilamoura Marina

vilamoura Marina South
Aerial view of the Marina of Vilamoura

The path of half a century, the Marina is the ex-libris of Vilamoura and one of the places of worship for lovers of water sports. With a very favorable climate, there are many water activities that you can experience in the marina of Vilamoura. Noteworthy are the following:

  • Water skiing
  • Sailing
  • Windsurf
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet-ski
  • Tours of the Algarve coast in boat
Condor de Vilamoura, sailing ship best known for the tours of the coastline of the Algarve
Condor de Vilamoura, sailing ship best known for the tours of the coastline of the Algarve

The Condor de Vilamoura is a sailboat traditionally recognized in Vilamoura for tours of the coastline of the Algarve. A 34 metre lengths sailboat with two masts. The sailboat has a capacity to carry 120 people to experience the beauty of the Algarve coastline. Usually at anchor in the Marina of Vilamoura, Vilamoura Condor is a replica of the American fishing schooners of the 19th century. Worth knowing!

Boat Trips

Apart from water sports, many tourists seek marina for sport fishing in the high seas. Past experiences show that this is an excellent place for practicing this sport since fish with several hundred pounds are commonly caught.

Culinary em Vilamoura

Terraces of the restaurants of Vilamoura Marina
Terraces at the Marina of Vilamoura

The gastronomy of Vilamoura fits perfectly in the Algarve and is a context of capital gains in the area. Taking advantage of what the sea offers best, typical dishes in casseroles Vilamoura consist of fish and shellfish, octopus and rice in all kinds of dishes made with seafood or fresh fish.

These treats can be enjoyed in several restaurants that Vilamoura has at its disposal and that offer a service of excellence and refinement.

In Vilamoura you can enjoy the widest cuisine with a real luxury. There are countless restaurants throughout Vilamoura, but is in the town center that will be able to find the highest concentration of restaurants with terraces. The smorgasbord are many: from fresh fish caught daily in the Atlantic Ocean, grilled in typical Portuguese style, the various themed restaurants, such are the restaurants of Italian cuisine, French cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Indian, Thai, Japanese, the typically English pubs, and snack restaurants.

Sunset in vilamoura
Luxury sunset

Vilamoura Marina is the most awarded in Europe, schools are recognized for quality, golf offer is varied, the cycling network is extensive. If all this still handled well join the green areas, the Casino, the huge variety of restaurants, bars and clubs, public and private sports complex then can be no doubt that Vilamoura is without doubt one of the most exclusive areas to have into account in the Algarve.

Vilamoura Marina at night

Vilamoura night
Vilamoura Marina at night
Luxury yachts Vilamoura Marina

tradition in the Vilamoura Marina

ice cream parlor in the marina of vilamoura
traditional ice cream shop at the marina of vilamoura

The tour in Vilamoura Marina while enjoying a traditional ice cream are a tradition over 50 years. It is a common habit for the locals and for tourists visiting Vilamoura.

Cultural and Recreational spaces in Vilamoura

Vilamoura there is much more than just beaches and hotel units of superior quality. There are several cultural and recreational options. Below are mentioned some of the existing cultural and recreational venues:

  • Cerro da Vila, with its Roman ruins located behind the marina;
  • Museu de Vilamoura;
  • Casino de Vilamoura;
  • Galeria de Arte;
  • Spas and centers lazer;
  • Tennis Academy;
  • Mall;
  • Church;
  • Marina of Vilamoura.

Beaches in Vilamoura

Vilamoura is served mainly by two fabulous beaches, despite its location allow rapid travel to other beaches nearby.

The Vilamoura Beach is located between the marina and Quarteira and is famous for its warm waters and its golden sands. Near some tourist complexes renowned hosts several initiatives in summer and provides all the amenities and services desirable to bathers.

Falesia beach vilamoura

The Falesia Beach has a fairly extensive beach, about 3km and is located to the west of the marina of Vilamoura. This is a very prestigious beach thanks to its fine golden sand that captivates many families during the summer and beyond.

falesia Beach in vilamoura
Falésia Beach in vilamoura has 5 km of extension. Is a beach ideal for long walks by the sea.

Both beaches have blue flag, which means they comply with the requirements of environmental quality. The Falesia Beach is one of the most extensive and sought the Algarve, Albufeira and Vilamoura alloy is characterized by majestic cliffs of red tones. The beach known as Praia do Marinotel is wide and is situated at the opposite end of the Marina, Vilamoura Quarteira linking.

tomates Beach ride
beach of Vilamoura
Vilamoura beach during the winter

Golf in Vilamoura

The famous golf courses of the Algarve is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area, and Vilamoura is no exception. Rather, the golf courses of Vilamoura is one of its main business cards.

Em Vilamoura destacam up the following golf courses:

  • OldCourse - The first field of Vilamoura, which remains one of the most iconic and internationally recognized;
  • Millenium - Hailed as one of the top Portuguese golf courses;
  • Laguna - Laguna tests the skill of golfers thanks to a total of 10 different lakes, strategically scattered throughout the route;
  • Pinhal - This field is highlighted by presenting various degrees of difficulty by appealing to various types of golfers.

Why choose Vilamoura?

If you love being where the action happens, Vilamoura is the right place for you. With a fairly high standard of living, the luxury goes hand in hand with everything that nature offers us.

Vilamoura has excellent infrastructure, commercial dynamism and numerous leisure activities and relaxation, as well as cultural diversity. In short, it aims to quality of life in paradisaic site, then Vilamoura is the place for you!

vilamoura lake
The nature
Vilamoura Golf
Golf Vilamoura

Live or invest in Vilamoura

Vilamoura, Algarve-Portugal
The city of Vilamoura is located in the western region of the Algarve in Portugal

Vilamoura began to be developed about 50 years, has a total area of 1600 hectares which developed from its marina. Vilamoura is currently regarded as the largest tourist complex of luxury throughout Europe, here you will find about 950 hectares of green space, they operate in the six golf courses, Old Course, Millenium, Victoria, Laguna, Pinhal, Vila Sol and a whole range of facilities aimed at improving the standard of living of its inhabitants.

Vilamoura, tourist resort certificate

Vilamoura is, since November 2011, the first major tourist area fully certified, since the public space of the territory, with management Inframoura received certification in Quality and Environment.

Vilamoura, tourist resort certificate

Marina and Vilamoura Centre

Almost exclusively composed of apartments T1, T2 or T3. The apartments on the first line with views of the sea and the marina are considered "prime" and this difference is noted in the final price when compared with the second row of flats or near the nerve center of Vilamoura marina. Most apartments in the area "prime" were built some years, however there are some in restored buildings in good condition, and others that we have in our portofolio of excellence in locations that do not always want the owners to advertise online. The range of restaurants, bars and shops is varied and the beaches Falesia and Vilamoura are within walking distance.

The path of the dunes (Passeio das Dunas)

the dunes walkway, the connection between the city of Quarteira and Vilamoura Resort
the path of the dunes, the connection between the city of Quarteira and Vilamoura Resort

The path of the dunes between Vilamoura and Quarteira. A new psychological Union between the city and the resort. The transformation of this existing way gives a new joy to this beautiful place by the sea. Allows the residents and visitors of Vilamoura a call easy walk to markets of fish and fruit market, the marina and the fishing port, the resort and the city, the Vilamoura and Quarteira. The tour of the dunes was inaugurated on 14 may 2016 by the Prime Minister of Portugal and by the Mayor of Loule in the presence of Dr. Telmo Pinto, the Mayor of the parish of Quarteira. An excellent initiative for the improvement of the city

Pinhal Velho

Pinhal Velho, Vilamoura - Portugal
Pinhal Velho, Luxury neighborhood in Vilamoura

Pinhal Velho is an area dedicated solely to detached houses, is undoubtedly the most luxurious area of ??Vilamoura, here you will find detached villas with fantastic architecture and lots of land to build, with very generous areas. The Victoria golf course bordering the gardens of many of these properties. Golf tournament was this golf course where in recent years due, Portugal Masters, The marina is about 3 kms.

Millenium & Laguna

Millenium & Laguna in Vilamoura

Millenium / Laguna is an area of isolated apartments and villas of recent construction, usually used as a second home for holidays and weekends. The distance to the center where the marina is located, the beaches and most services is about 3 kms away. The network of bike paths and bike available to homeowners in Vilamoura, came to help that distance without using the car.

The Golf Courses Laguna and Millenium are a few meters away, offering a good portion of those buildings, beautiful views of the Golf. Currently there are excellent business opportunities in the pipeline for this area.

Old Course Vilamoura

Old Course Vilamoura

The Old Course was one of the first golf courses of Vilamoura, all around detached houses more traditional design, townhouses and apartments, the vast majority of white painted were built. This area is not as recent and perhaps for that reason, has a very unique charm, the vegetation is abundant and typical of this region. Being farther from the center of Vilamoura, this area is quieter and has less traffic. Here you can find some restaurants, cafes, mini markets and the Sports Centre of Vilamoura, equipped with tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming pools and gyms, among other facilities. The Vilamoura center is about 4 Kms.

Pinhal & Vilasol


Pinhal / Vila Sol Vilamoura located in output towards Quarteira and Faro, in a secluded area where there are a majority of detached houses and townhouses of two and three bedrooms and some apartment blocks. A large number of these houses were built around the golf courses, Pinhal and Vila Sol. Many of these villas enjoy fantastic views of the golf courses.

Old Village / Hilton

Old Village Vilamoura

Old Village / Hilton is an area that developed simultaneously with the Vilamoura marina, here there is a little older community and a number of trade and services. The oldest houses blend with the most recent constructions, here there is a large number of apartments and smaller tourist developments, detached houses and areas, the Hilton was recently built in this area and will be an exception in terms of Hotels five star.

Map of Attractions in Vilamoura

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