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Vale do Lobo

…Portugal oldests resort

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Portugal’s golf & beach luxury resort
Vale do Lobo, established in 1962, holds the distinction of being Portugal’s first resort. Spanning 450 hectares and graced by a 2.5 km stretch of Atlantic beach, it features two 18-hole golf courses and the iconic 5-star Dona Filipa Hotel. The resort is home to around 1500 properties, offering a vibrant and unique energy that sets it apart within the Golden Triangle.

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Vale do Lobo’s Diverse Real Estate Opportunities
The resort provides an array of property types catering to varying price ranges. Apartments start from around 500,000 to 600,000 euros, townhouses from 900,000 euros, and detached villas with pools from 2.5 million to 10 million euros. Prices hinge on factors like property size, age, location, view, sun exposure, architecture, and finishings. Furthermore, Vale do Lobo’s expansion areas, including Vale das Flores, Vale de Santo António, and the Royal Golf Course surroundings, indicate promising growth and development.

Distinct Residential Areas

Vale do Lobo encompasses distinct residential pockets:

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South and North Villages
South and North Villages oldest within the resort, featuring picturesque 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses. Renovated properties offer comfortable holiday homes starting at around 500 thousand euros.Miramar
Miramar offers unbeatable beach proximity with apartments, townhouses, and villas ranging from 500 thousand to 2.5 million euros.

Mimosas known for spacious 3-bedroom semi-detached villas with stunning golf and ocean views, averaging between 1 million and 2 million euros.

Tennis Valley
Tennis Valley apartments and townhouses centered around the Tennis Academy, priced from 500 thousand to 1 million euros.

Avenida do Mar
Avenida do Mar boasts contemporary houses along the main avenue, valued between 3 million and 6 million euros.

Encosta do Atlântico
Encosta do Atlântico offers spectacular sea views, with prices reaching double figures.

Zone 9
Zone 9 is a recent area of the resort with modern properties, especially on golf and sea view villas.

Ocean Club
Ocean Club luxurious villas bordering Ria Formosa with prices between 4 million and 8 million euros.

Vale das Flores
Vale das Flores a tranquil area with spacious townhouses and golf and sea views.

Royal Valley
Royal Valley the newest area with large plots, set to benefit from upcoming hotel and residential projects.

Golf Courses at Vale do Lobo

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Vale do Lobo boasts two renowned 18-hole golf courses
Ocean Golf Course

Ocean Golf Course offers breathtaking ocean views, with direct lines to the ocean on select holes. Originally two 9-hole courses designed by Sir Henry Cotton, they were combined to form the current 18-hole course.

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Royal Golf Course
Royal Golf Course situated longitudinally throughout the resort, this course features iconic holes, including the famous par 3 on the 16th hole offering stunning views of the coast and ocean.

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Vale do Lobo’s Iconic Hole No.16
Known for its breathtaking views and challenging play, Hole No.16 at Vale do Lobo is a landmark for golf enthusiasts visiting the Algarve region.

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Vale do Lobo 16th hole view

Vale do Lobo aerial perspective

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Vale do Lobo Main Entrance
The iconic roundabout signifies the gateway to Vale do Lobo Resort, embraced by a lush golf course on its side. Beyond the entrance, the resort boasts a myriad of services such as concierge, medical clinic, supermarket, golf club, wine shops, art gallery, bank, and various dining options. Residentes and residents can indulge in a diverse range of activities, from golf and beach experiences to tennis, paddle, cultural events, and nature walks, making it a true luxury and leisure haven.

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Activities for All Ages
The resort caters to families with a variety of activities. The ParTee Family Park features yoga, dance, workshops, and mini-golf. Praça de Vale do Lobo serves as the entertainment hub, hosting restaurants, shops, pools, and nightlife. A multitude of fitness activities, workshops, golf, tennis, themed markets, and other events ensure a vibrant year-round experience.

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Aerial Shot of Vale do Lobo Golf Course Proximity to Ocean
Captured from above, the impeccable greens of the golf course stand in sharp contrast to the adjacent sandy shores and azure waters. The course, meticulously maintained, showcases its grandeur, being merely a chip shot away from the inviting Algarvian coastline.

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Vale do Lobo Resort Map Overview
Central to the map is Avenida do Mar, the main artery guiding visitors towards the Hotel DOna Filipa and Vale do Lobo Square, adorned with a selection of restaurants and bars, next ot the beach.

Residential pockets gracefully surround this core, each offering a distinct flavor of luxury. The map’s left showcases the sprawling Ocean golf course, while the right presents the majestic Royal golf course. The prominent Avenida Almirante Mendes Cabeçadas provides access to Almancil when turned left at the roundabout, or a direct route to Quinta do Lago when continued straight ahead.

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