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Properties for sale in Algarve PORTUGAL
1 - Property for sale in the Algarve
Central Algarve, Portugal
Vilamoura Parque • New properties for sale • Portugal
... in the heart of Vilamoura
Charming property with 3 hectares, sea view
a unique house, ready to live in Portugal
Renovated Villa with pool
very private villa
2 - Luxury apartments for sale
Vilamoura & Quarteira
NEW LUXURY Apartments in Vilamoura • THE CREEK PORTUGAL
Vilamoura • Portugal
Luxury Sea View Penthouse
Villa Nature Vilamoura
NEW apartment with sea view
Vilamoura / Portugal
3 - Property for sale in Vilamoura & Triangulo Dourado
& Golden Triangle
Semi-detached house Vale Formoso
2 new properties for sale
Investment property
Vale do Lobo
Townhouse private pool
modern architecture
Quinta de Faro Properties
Luxury villas overlooking Ria Formosa

Properties for sale in the Central Algarve

Golden Triangle Algarve
15 minutes
international school
Properties in Vilamoura
Marina, golf, beach, sports, style
Properties in Quinta do Lago
luxury, golf, nature, beach, exclusive
Properties in Vale do Lobo
golf view, luxury, nature, beach...
Properties in Quarteira
Costal city, beaches, walking paths
Properties in Loulé
country life, tranquility, traditional
Properties in Faro
city life, shopping, university, night life

Properties for sale in Western Algarve

Algarve Windward
40 to 75 minutes
International school
Properties in Albufeira
discos, marina, school, beaches
Properties in Carvoeiro
fishing town, nature, traquility
Properties in Lagos
coastal city, marina, nature, beach

Properties for sale in Eastern Algarve

Algarve Leeward
20 to 50 minutes
Small villages
Ria Formosa
natural park
Properties in Tavira
Small city, tradicional
Properties in Fuseta
fishing town, nature
Properties in Olhão
coastal mourish city, fisherman's port

Clarifications, the advantages and benefits

for new residents in Portugal

Luxury apartments and villas front Golf & Beach
Luxury tourist resorts with beach and golf
Monte da Quinta Resort - Summary and information
Martinhal Resort Quinta do Lago
Salgados - Luxury resort in the Algarve, Portugal
Apartments near the beach
Pine Cliffs Resort, a unique place in the world!
Pinecliffs resort, private condominium of high luxury

Living in Algarve Portugal - useful information

The country, the region, the municipalities, the beaches, the golfs, and other information
surprise yourself
fall in love
be happy
Portugal, a short overview on the country
a brief summary of the country
Algarve & Blog - Useful information for new residents in Portugal
the region and the municipalities
Faro :. Algarve :.. Portugal .::. FARO
the capital of the Algarve region
Vilamoura :.  Algarve, Portugal - VILAMOURA
the best marina in europe
Quinta do Lago > Algarve • Portugal
the most luxurious homes in Portugal
Monchique, traditional village in the Algarve
traditional villages of Portugal

Who we are

ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is a real estate agency managed by a family team. The management of the company is carried out by José Mora Féria, Rute Mascarenhas and Maria Mora Féria. The company that owns the website is ARE (algarve real estate), lda, consisting of a Marketing Department and a Commercial Department. The commercial department is run by Rute Mascarenhas, where several dozen sales agents work from the south to central Portugal, the Algarve, Lisbon and Cascais. Due to the vast commercial knowledge and passion for the real estate market, Rute Mascarenhas coordinates the link between the prospecting of properties and the real estate purchase needs of the hundreds of clients that contact us every month. With a great knowledge of the whole process of buying and selling real estate, our commercial director Rute Mascarenhas transforms the process of buying house in a simple process

Maria Mora Féria manages the contact with the owners sellers and facilitates the process of buying and selling , promoting and developing the link between the properties and the buyers and investors, allowing in this way to be able to find the ideal property for each research process. The coordination between the properties of the owners and the interests of the potential investors generated by the Rute Mascarenhas team make our buyers always find their ideal home!

The company's Marketing and Communication department is headed by José Mora Féria. It is composed by a Marketing team composed of a specialist in Marketing, young people specialized in computer programming, graphic design, photography, tourism and other areas related to geographic reporting of the best places to visit and live in Portugal . It is through the company's marketing strategy that our websites are visited with more than 1 million views per website per year, guaranteeing our clients an excellent ability to promote and advertise their real estate to real investors.
Thanks to you, we are constantly developing!

What we do

ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is a real estate agency differentiated by specialization in real estate advice. Our strengths are the vast knowledge of the Algarve and the good social relationship we have had for more than four generations. Our good relationship enables us to maintain an excellent social relationship with all those involved in the sale of real estate, from the architects, engineers, contractors responsible for the works, lawyers and friends professionally related to real estate in the Algarve and other regions of Portugal. Portugal.

Our history

ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is a company founded by the Mora Féria family, with a history of several decades in the Algarve and other regions of Portugal, with activities related to the purchase of large land for agricultural activity, landscaping, tourism, photovoltaic power networks and real estate. The company headquarters is located at the entrance of Vilamoura, Portugal .

Where we are in Portugal

In the Algarve our Headquarters is at the entrance of Quinta do Lago, and we can meet you at Quinta do Lago, Faro, Vilamoura, Quarteira, Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Lagos

The activity of ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is expanded throughout the Algarve region with the support of real estate partners in several municipalities of the Algarve with the website, we have office in Lisboa on Avenida da Liberdade, office in Cascais and office in Estoril with site where we have more than a thousand real estate properties online and several opportunities in private portfolio. We count on the support of the best real estate professionals so that our clients have only a service of the best quality . We are proud to be known for finding the homes that best match the preferences and lifestyle of our clients.

our philosophy ...

For the ALGARVE REAL ESTATE team the real estate activity of buying and selling is a passion. We live the dreams of our customers as if they were our own dreams. Those who know us understand how it is possible to enjoy a region or country simply by accompanying the fulfillment of so much happiness in our clients and friends

How do we do it?
The success of ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is due to our customers ...

The success of ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is due to all our clients and friends who have made us deserving of their preference to find the property that best suits their preferences and lifestyle; Our success is derived from your success; Our success is due to all the partners who are part of our team; Our success is due to all the team that has collaborated with the philosophy of focus and seriousness of a family company with several decades of activity in Portugal; We also thank the technology that allows us to reach you on this side to visit our site; We thank the masters who have given us the knowledge so we can learn.
We will continue to sophisticatedly simplify and assist you throughout the process of finding and buying your ideal home ...
Thank you all!

The information about the Algarve is developed by us, for you ...

The ALGARVE REAL ESTATE blog provides you with texts and photos about the country and the region created with our team for you to learn more about the country of Portugal and the Algarve region. We provide you legal information written by competent lawyers experts in the field of law in writing. This is relevant information for investors seeking to buy a home in Portugal with the aim of living or investing. On this site our real estate company has prepared for you info on the South of the country, in particular the Algarve as the intervention area of this site, however we have other sites with properties for sale and information of Lisbon and other places of Portugal.

ALGARVE REAL ESTATE - ARE, Mediação Imobiliária Lda

real estate agency in Portugal
Our real estate company in Portugal is ARE - (ALGARVE REAL ESTATE), Mediação Imobiliária, Lda , we are headquartered in the Algarve region, southern Portugal. We have offices in the Algarve, Lisbon and Cascais. We have nine real estate sites with their own houses.

ALGARVE REAL ESTATE is already known as a leader in the sale of properties in Portugal. We exist because we love Portugal, and we want you to share with you the best that we have here. is part of Moraféria Group, a company based in the southern region of Portugal since 1979. This project is based in a innovative concept for the real estate market, we seek to bring you the real estate opportunities while at the same time we promote the Algarve, showing it to the world through eyes of someone that loves the Algarve. Our primary focus is on the customer satisfaction, having that in mind AlgarveRealEstate focus on quality regarding their product, sales process and after sales service.Like this we can ensure the best product at the best price to all classes of properties. Along with our partners we will continue to work in order to keep the good name of this group with decades of success. Call us at (+351) 289 098 888 for your personalized real estate service

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