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Villa Nature

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Villa Nature condominium presentation

Villa Nature condominium • Intro

Villa Nature is a luxury private condominium situated within walking distance of the marina of Vilamoura and the beach in the south of Portugal. This prime real estate development comprises 35 units spread across four floors. It offers a diverse range of apartment types, from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units. The ground floor apartments boast private gardens and plunge pools, while the penthouses feature expansive south-facing balconies with ocean views. Constructed in 2018, the development distinguishes itself with its architectural prowess, superior construction quality, and energy efficiency, as highlighted by its 'A' energy rating.

Strategically located, Villa Nature is just a stone's throw from essential amenities, including the Vilamoura Marina, golf courses, clinics, and various restaurants. The apartment development boasts both communal and private pools, a private garden, parking, and balconies with views of lush gardens and pools. With the added advantage of being within walking distance to both the beach and the town centre, Villa Nature exemplifies modern living in Vilamoura. Designed by the renowned Saraiva e Associados, this development captures the essence of luxury living in Portugal's Algarve.

Highlights of Villa Nature Apartment

  • Villa Nature features 35 contemporary apartments across four floors, ranging from one-bedroom units to expansive four-bedroom spaces.
  • Villa Nature holds BREEM certification: emphasizing its dedication to environmental sustainability. The design orientations prioritize ample natural sunlight. Together, these features illustrate how the development effectively combines luxury living with eco-conscious commitments.
  • Villa Nature, 2km from Vilamoura Golf courses and Falésia Beach, offers prime access to the town centre, Marina, hospitals, and dining. With Faro Airport only 25km away,
  • Designed by Saraiva e Associados, a firm known for its commitment to architectural excellence, Villa Nature epitomizes architectural finesse, blending modern design with luxury and functionality.

Villa Nature description

Villa Nature is an exceptional private condominium located in the heart of Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal. Built in 2018 with meticulous attention to detail, this development offers a harmonious blend of modern luxury and natural beauty.

Comprising four floors, Villa Nature boasts a total of 35 modern apartments, providing a variety of living spaces to suit diverse preferences. The property typologies range from cosy one-bedroom apartments (7 units) to spacious four-bedroom (2 units), with two-bedroom (13 units) and three-bedroom (13 units) apartments in between. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to optimize comfort and functionality, ensuring a comfortable living experience.

The convenience of Villa Nature extends beyond the interiors. Residents enjoy the ease of access provided by elevators to all floors. The development features an array of pools, including an adult swimming pool, a children's pool, and eight private pools. Private balconies offer views of the meticulously maintained gardens, providing a serene backdrop to your everyday life.

The property offers ample garage space accommodating from 1 to 3 vehicles, and additional storage space.

Villa Nature prioritizes sustainability with its BREEM certification, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility. The development is oriented to capture the best of the Algarve's natural beauty, with units facing both south and north, allowing residents to bask in natural sunlight throughout the day.

One of the standout features of Villa Nature is its prime location. It is situated just 2km away from both the renowned Vilamoura Golf courses and the stunning Falésia Beach. Moreover, the development is conveniently close to the town centre, the Marina of Vilamoura, the Vilamoura clinic and hospital, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurants, and even a veterinary clinic. Faro Airport is only 25km distance.

With an interior area range spanning from 78m2 to 206m2 and generous balcony areas ranging from 14m2 to 151m2, Villa Nature offers versatile living spaces suitable for a variety of lifestyles. The architectural brilliance behind this development is credited to Saraiva e Associados, renowned for their commitment to excellence.

Villa Nature detailed specifications

  • Development Name: Villa Nature
  • Property Type: Development / Private condominium
  • Floors: 4
  • Country: Portugal
  • District: Algarve
  • Town: Vilamoura
  • Neighbourhood: Vilamoura
  • Year of Construction: 2018
  • Total Units: 35
  • Property Typologies:
    • One-bedroom apartment: 7 units
    • Two-bedroom apartment: 13 units
    • Three-bedroom apartment: 13 units
    • Four-bedroom penthouse: 2 units
  • Floor Access: Elevator
  • Pools:
    • Main Pools: 2
    • Children's Pool: 1
    • Private Pools: 8
  • Private Balcony: Yes
  • Garage: Space for 1 to 3 vehicles
  • Storage: Yes
  • Energy Certificate: A
  • Private Garden: Yes
  • View: Overlooks the pool and garden
  • Distance to Golf: 2 km
  • Distance to Beach: 2 km
  • Distance to the airport: 25 km to Faro International Airport
  • Solar Orientation: South, North
  • Construction Quality: Superior
  • Key Advantages: Walking distance to town centre, Falésia Beach, Marina de Vilamoura, golf courses, Vilamoura clinic and hospital, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurants, and veterinary clinic. Well-maintained gardens.
  • Interior Area Range: 78.32m2 to 206.87m2
  • Balcony Area Range: 14.31m2 to 151.49m2
  • Architect: Saraiva e Associados

Villa Nature / Homes for sale

Showing 3 properties for sale in this location (we have private listings. Contact us for personalized criteria)