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Pinhal Velho

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Pinhal Velho Vilamoura condominium presentation

Pinhal Velho condominium • Intro

Pinhal Velho is a premium residential area located in Vilamoura, in the Algarve region of Portugal. This exclusive development is adjacent to the Victoria Golf Course, one of the many championship golf courses in Vilamoura. Pinhal Velho is known for its distinct subdivisions, namely Pinhal Velho 1, Pinhal Velho 2, and Pinhal Velho 3. Pinhal Velho 1 is located on Rua Rosa dos Ventos. Pinhal Velho 2 encompasses the streets Cravo da India, Pimenta do Reino, and Volta da Canela and Pinhal Velho 3 is situated on Volta do Açafrão. The streets are laid with traditional Portuguese cobblestone reflecting the local architectural tradition.

The development consists of 81 plots, each housing high-end luxury villas that stand on land parcels varying in size from 3.245 m2 to 6.859 m2. The majority of these plots have been developed, and they now feature high-end villas that include private swimming pools and beautiful gardens. Located in the northernmost part of Vilamoura and surrounded by golf courses, some properties within the development boast views of the golf courses and the sea.

Villas in Pinhal Velho offer a generous amount of living space, with sizes ranging between 650 m2 and 1.200 m2. These single-family homes emphasize spaciousness and are geared towards high-end living. The architecture of the villas is contemporary, with clean lines and large windows that invite natural light and offer views of the surrounding landscape.

Potential homeowners can expect modern amenities and luxury finishes in these super villas. Typically, these properties feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and, a private pool, accommodating both large family needs and guest hospitality. Privacy and exclusivity are the most important words that describe Pinhal Velho.

Pinhal Velho represents a prestigious and luxurious residential option within Vilamoura. It offers the opportunity to own a spacious and modern villa or a plot to build the house of your dreams in one of Portugal’s prime real estate markets. Its location near a top golf course, combined with the privacy and luxury of the properties, makes Pinhal Velho an attractive investment or residential choice for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle in the Algarve.

Highlights of Pinhal Velho in Vilamoura

  • Prime Location: Pinhal Velho is a distinguished residential development divided into three sectors situated adjacent to the Victoria Golf Course, surrounded by pine trees and nature. The Falésia Beach and Vilamoura Marina are within 3.5 km.
  • High-end Villas: The development comprises 81 plots of land, each hosting super luxury villas that offer substantial living spaces ranging from 650 m² to 1,200 m². The villas feature large windows for natural lighting and scenic views, private swimming pools, and meticulously landscaped gardens, emphasizing the high-end lifestyle available to residents.
  • Privacy, Exclusivity, and High-End Amenities: Pinhal Velho is synonymous with privacy and exclusivity, offering residents modern amenities and luxury finishes. The private and exclusive nature of the development, combined with its luxury villas and plots for bespoke residences, make Pinhal Velho a coveted location for investment and residential purposes in Portugal's Algarve region.

Pinhal Velho / Homes for sale

Showing 3 properties for sale in this location (we have private listings. Contact us for personalized criteria)