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Pine Cliffs condominium presentation

Pine Cliffs • A Unique Luxury Resort in Portugal

Pine Cliffs stands out as a unique resort in Portugal due to its exclusive features. Situated on 70 hectares of elevated land, it overlooks the spectacular 5 km Falesia Beach, set against stunning cliffs with hues of white, yellow, and brown. From an aerial view, the living area forms a star shape, spanning 1 km by 1 km. Guests can indulge in a variety of amenities, including a private golf course, Children's Pirate Boat award-winning playground, Sheraton hotel services, multiple gourmet restaurants, tennis courts, and beautiful gardens with walking paths. For peace of mind, the resort ensures security with 24-hour human and camera surveillance, and it offers multiple swimming pools, private villas, and apartments. With direct access to the beach via stairs or a panoramic elevator, Pine Cliffs delivers a unique and luxurious lifestyle.

Living at Pine Cliffs provides a spectrum of high-end accommodation options within its 70-hectare gated community along the Algarve coastline. Residents have the opportunity to opt for full ownership of freehold properties, ensuring long-term security and investment potential. Additionally, the renowned Sheraton Hotel is available for those seeking a luxurious hotel living experience. The diversity in accommodation offerings, ranging from sea-view apartments to independent villas, underscores Pine Cliffs' commitment to delivering a varied and tailored luxury living experience to meet individual preferences and investment objectives.

Pine Cliffs Real Estate advantages

Owners of a property in Pine Cliffs are afforded various substantial benefits that enhance their living experience. Firstly, you'll have complete access to all the facilities and infrastructures within the broader Pine Cliffs Resort, offering an integrated and convenient living arrangement. The resort is under the management of Marriott International, a reputable brand, and part of The Luxury Collection, ensuring that residents receive a high standard of service and luxury consistent with internationally recognized hospitality benchmarks.

Pine Cliffs properties options

  • Deluxe villas
  • Terraces townhouses
  • Suites apartments
  • Ocean Suites apartments
  • Residences apartments
  • Townhouses

Owners at the Pine Cliffs Properties, Premier Club, and other apartments or villa types benefit from various discounts on a wide array of resort services, including dining, golf courses, beauty salons, the children’s village (Porto Pirata), tennis courts, and boutiques. The properties are well-equipped with essential amenities such as air conditioning, 24-hour security, swimming pools, and concierge services. Additional facilities include 24-hour room service, access to the golf academy, Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, and a gymnasium, offering a balanced combination of luxury and convenience for a holistic living and holiday experience.

Deluxe • Pine Cliffs Villas

The Pine Cliffs Deluxe Villas are high-standard, four-bedroom villas situated within large, private plots, designed and finished in accordance with the highest specifications and design standards. Managed by the Marriott International Group under The Luxury Collection brand, owning a villa here allows one access to all the resort’s infrastructure, coupled with the enhanced privacy and exclusivity that a villa can offer. The architecture of the villas carries a modern Mediterranean theme, featuring spacious areas and large glass facades, creating a straightforward integration between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor areas of each villa include a private pool with a jacuzzi, meticulously maintained gardens, and a barbecue area.

Terraces • Pine Cliffs Townhouses

Pine Cliffs Terraces consists of a distinct set of townhouses set amidst expansive garden spaces interwoven with swimming pools. Each townhouse is meticulously designed, available in configurations of two-plus-one-bedrooms or three-plus-one-bedrooms, and occupies a space ranging from 220 to 285 square meters. These residences are comprehensively equipped with essential and luxurious amenities, ensuring a refined living experience. The amenities include air conditioning, 24-hour security, access to a swimming pool, spa services, concierge service, and 24-hour room service.

Townhouses • Pine Cliffs Townhouses

The Pine Cliffs Townhouses, designed with traditional architecture infused with Moorish influences, offer spacious living spaces complemented by outdoor terraces and barbecue areas. Each townhouse is strategically located within a serene part of the resort, surrounded by pine trees and streams, ensuring a peaceful living environment. The interiors of the properties are designed to high standards, combining modern aesthetics with exotic architectural features to create a luxurious ambiance.

The townhouses are available in two-bedroom and two-plus-one-bedroom configurations, with sizes ranging from 147 to 226 square meters, spread across the ground and first floors.

Suites • Pine Cliffs Apartments

The Pine Cliffs Suites are luxury apartments, available in two-bedroom and three-bedroom configurations (T2 and T3), situated adjacent to the golf course of the Pine Cliffs Resort. Each apartment assures a minimum return on investment, with a right to 183 days of utilization annually. Investing in the Pine Cliffs Suites is positioned as a strategic decision for acquiring a holiday home in a five-star resort, offering a guaranteed annual rental return of a minimum of 5% for the initial five years. These suites are equipped with air conditioning, 24-hour security, and a swimming pool.

Ocean Suites • Pine Cliffs luxurious Apartments

The Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites consist of 76 luxurious apartments located at the forefront of the beautiful Algarve coast, adjacent to the Pine Cliffs Golf Course. Awarded the "Best New Hotel Design & Construction" by the International Property Awards 2016 in Europe, these apartments embody a meticulous design inspired by Portuguese discoveries, featuring interiors adorned with exquisite hand-painted tiles. These details, paired with the luxurious and classical style of Portuguese culture, align harmoniously with the elegance of The Luxury Collection® brand, under Marriott International.

The available apartment configurations include two and three-bedroom, with sizes ranging from 140 m2 to 200 m2, a Presidential Suite at 465 m2, and a dedicated area for Serenity - The Art of Well Being spa, covering 1000 m2 across four floors.

Investors in the Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites are offered a guaranteed investment return of a minimum of 5% annually for the first five years, with the benefit of up to 183 days of usage per year. Additionally, the investment aligns compatibly with the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) scheme.

Residences • Pine Cliffs luxurious Apartments

The Pine Cliffs Residences consists of luxury apartments with two-bedroom and three-bedrooms (T2 and T3), situated amidst a stunning pine forest that overlooks the sea and is adjacent to the golf course of the Pine Cliffs Resort. Each apartment is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of residents, providing a range of amenities such as air conditioning, 24-hour security, and a swimming pool. The apartments, ranging in size from 130 to 192 square meters, are part of The Luxury Collection, signifying a certain standard of luxury and quality. Investing in Pine Cliffs Residences is positioned as an investment in a holiday home, with a guaranteed rental return for the first five years.

More than a 5 stars location

Luxury Properties in Portugal with premium location

Luxury Properties in Portugal with premium location
To the success of many other factors contribute resort. A single location in the world, which distinguishes this space from others. The high cliffs in shades of red, shaped by time huddle long stretches of fine white sand leaning against a calm sea of infinite blue.

But it's not just about luxury homes; it's an experience. Guests and residents step into a world rife with world-class amenities. The much-lauded "Serenity Spa" within the Sheraton has a trophy cabinet glittering with industry awards. Meanwhile, golf aficionados will find their sanctuary with a 9-hole golf course, and a dedicated shop to gear up for the game. In addition, a panorama of boutiques and specialty shops pepper the resort, ensuring that every whim, whether it's high fashion or daily essentials, is just a stone's throw away.

Golf with location of excellence in Portugal

Golf with location of excellence in Portugal

The project Pine Cliffs was born at about 20 years when Mr. Al-Bahar fell in love with this fantastic location and decided it would be here that would build its first tourist resort. Since then, the project has developed over the years in a sustained manner, whereas, due to the increase in the number of beds has always been the concern of being available recreational areas and their services, thus ensuring the quality by whom visit this venture.

Luxury resort with luxury location

Luxury resort with luxury location
One of the factors of differentiation, is characterized also with an ever-present to maintain the wonderful green spaces, meticulously manicured landscaping team for concern so that anyone visiting the Resort Pine Cliffs stay in memory with images and aroma of the stunning golf course, the shapes and colors of thousands of plants and flowers that give a color to the resort so special in contrast to the white walls of houses and flats with hundreds of green of pine trees and immaculate lawns during the warmer months offer delicious shadows who seeks the coolest spaces.

Pine Cliffs Amenities & Facilities

Pine Cliffs goes beyond mere luxury; it promises an unparalleled living experience. Ensuring guests and residents feel cared for around the clock, the resort provides a 24-hour concierge service. Health emergencies are addressed promptly with an on-site medical doctor. For those who expect seamless professional experiences even during their getaways, a fully-equipped business center stands ready to serve.

Event planning at Pine Cliffs is efficient and straightforward. The resort is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that are suitable for a variety of events, from large business conferences to smaller, more private gatherings, ensuring that each event is effectively managed and executed. Enhancing the resort's offering is a meticulously curated weekly activities program, apt for those keen on immersing themselves in diverse experiences. Young families benefit from professional babysitting services, ensuring parents can indulge in some downtime with peace of mind. And, facilitating easy movement within this sprawling oasis, a shuttle service remains at guests' disposal.

But what truly elevates Pine Cliffs to a realm of its own is its dedication to preserving the natural beauty. Every corner pays homage to the lush Algarvian landscapes. Memories created here aren’t just of luxurious amenities but also of the mesmerizing golf course, vibrant flora, and the stark contrast of these greens against the pristine white architecture. These visuals are accentuated by stately pine trees and manicured lawns, offering shade and visual delight, especially during the sun-drenched months.

Pine Cliffs Awards & Recognitions

Pine Cliffs Resort's commitment to excellence isn't just felt – it's globally acknowledged. Over the years, the resort has been showered with prestigious awards that bear testimony to its superior standards.

One of the more significant feathers in its cap came from the "World Travel Awards" – a globally recognized benchmark of excellence in the tourism industry. Here, Pine Cliffs Resort didn't just participate; it dominated. Clinching the title of Best Development in Portugal multiple times, the resort continually sets a gold standard for luxury. The accolades don't stop there. Recognitions such as the Leading Golf Resort and the distinction as the Best Development in Portugal for Families over consecutive years further establish Pine Cliffs Resort as a paragon in luxury hospitality.

Such recognitions aren't just awards; they are a testament to Pine Cliffs Resort’s unwavering commitment to its guests, ensuring a blend of luxury, comfort, and memorable experiences.

Pine Cliffs Recreational Luxurious Facilities

At Pine Cliffs Resort, leisure and luxury entwine, offering an extensive array of recreational facilities tailored for all ages and preferences.

Swimming Pools

  • Dive into relaxation at the Sheraton Hotel’s heated indoor pool.
  • Enjoy the warmth at the heated pool by the Golf Club House.
  • Refresh outdoors near the Pine Cliffs house or by the Terraces Apartments.
  • Sip on refreshments by the pool near Corda Café.
  • Revel in the aroma of grilled fish and seafood by the pool near Fisherman restaurant.
  • For our younger guests, two dedicated pools near Porto Pirata ensure safe splashes and laughter.
Swimming pools with luxurious conditions

Swimming pools with luxurious conditions

indoor pool located at the Sheraton Hotel and pool located next to the Golf Club House. In addition to the heated pools, there are also several outdoor pools

There are several pools throughout the resort, including space for children

There are several pools throughout the resort, including space for children

Pool beside the house Pine Cliffs, pool near the "Terraces Apartments", the leisure pool along the outer zone of the Corda Café restaurant, which is open daily for refreshments, pool next to our terrace and the Fisherman restaurant specializing in grilled fish and seafood, two small pools for children near the Porto Pirata, a children's unique recreational space for children 6 months to 12 years.

Pine Cliffs outdoor pools

Pine Cliffs outdoor pools
Pine Cliffs Resort features a beautiful outdoor pool for guest relaxation and enjoyment, complemented by a dedicated children's pool to ensure a safe and enjoyable family experience.

Sports & Leisure Facilities

  • Porto Pirata: An enchanting children’s village adorned with life-sized galleons.
  • Test your golf skills at the 18-hole Mini Golf.
  • Cycle or jog through nature along the dedicated Bike Lane and 4 km jogging track.
  • Channel your inner athlete at the basketball and volleyball courts.
  • Explore indoor gaming at our dedicated game rooms.
  • Serve and volley at one of our five tennis courts and refine your skills at our tennis academy.
  • Stay fit with our two Health Clubs, complete with personal trainers.
  • Connect with the ocean through our beach access via a panoramic elevator, enhanced by our dedicated Beach Club and myriad beach and water sports facilities.
  • Experience golfing elegance at Pine Cliffs Golf Course and Academy.
  • Indulge in rejuvenating sessions at our Ritual SPA Wellness & Beauty Centre.
Pinecliffs Sports center has tennis courts and tennis academy

Pinecliffs Sports center has tennis courts and tennis academy
Porto Pirata - Children's Village with galleons in full size.. Junior Clube. Mini Golf 18 holes. Bike Lane. Fields Basketball and volleyball. Wading pool. game rooms. 5 tennis courts. 2 Health Club & Personal trainer. 5 outdoor swimming pools. 1 Pool Interior. Jogging track 4kms. green areas and manicured gardens. Beach access by elevator Panoramic. Infra structures of beach and nautical center desportos. Beach Club. Golf Course Pine Cliffs. Golf Academy. Ritual SPA Welness & Beauty Centre

The porto pirata Kids Club of Pinecliffs regularly receives international awards.

The porto pirata Kids Club of Pinecliffs regularly receives international awards. The kids love it!

football pitch at Pinecliffs Kids Club

football pitch at Pinecliffs Kids Club
And other facilities and services available at the Resort Pinecliffs: Golf shop, Boutique, Souvenir-Shop, Florist, Tobacconist, Mini Market, Business center, Events and Conferences, No free shutle Resort, Babysitting, Concierge, Doctor in the resort, Service support to customers, Weekly program of activities

Golf practice field Pinecliffs - Driving range

Golf practice field Pinecliffs - Driving range

Pinecliffs has a fitness area complete with equipment and coaches ready to help

Pinecliffs has a fitness area complete with equipment and coaches ready to help

Pine Cliffs Essential Facilities & Services

Complementing our luxurious recreational offerings, Pine Cliffs Resort extends a diverse range of facilities and services, ensuring that every stay is convenient, comfortable, and truly unforgettable.

Shopping and Essentials

  • Gear up for your golf game at our dedicated Golf shop.
  • Experience fashion and collect mementos from our Fashion boutique and souvenir shop.
  • Add a touch of elegance with our Florist and savor quality offerings from our Tobacconist.
  • For daily needs, our Convenient mini-market is always stocked.
Professional & Personal Assistance
Pinecliffs has Concierge service avaliable at your disposal

Pinecliffs has Concierge service avaliable at your disposal

  • A full-service Business center ensures your professional commitments are met.
  • Plan impactful gatherings with our state-of-the-art Event and conference spaces.
  • Navigate the resort with ease via our complimentary shuttle service.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our Professional babysitting services.
  • Always available to assist, our 24/7 concierge ensures personalized attention.
  • Health and safety are paramount; our On-site medical services are ever ready.
  • Stay engaged with our Weekly schedule of curated activities.
Enjoy the tranquillity that Pinecliffs lifestyle resort allows

Enjoy the tranquillity that Pinecliffs lifestyle resort allows
It is intended so that all visitors Pine Cliffs always find an aura of exclusivity, tranquility, peace and harmony, whether they are owners or guests, coming from different countries of the world. The Pine Cliffs is recognized for its exclusivity and quality, in Portugal and internationally. During the past few years has gained industry recognition, having been nominated and awarded several prizes by consistently recognized quality and prestige. Is worth distinguish some:

In the "World Travel Awards", probably the biggest shows in the world of tourism, Pine Cliffs Resort was awarded the prize of Best Development in Portugal in 2004; 2005 and 2006. Was also considered in 2007 as "Leading Golf Resort"And since 2009 until this year has always been regarded as the Best Development in Portugal for families (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and more until now).
In the enterprise Pine Cliffs Resort facilities there are numerous highlights:

During summers, the allure of Falesia beach beckons. Its exclusive services, including shaded awnings, luxurious beach beds, towels, and a range of water sports, make for a unique coastal experience.

Restaurants • Culinary Delights at Pine Cliffs

The Pine Cliffs resort boasts a rich array of dining options, with both local and international cuisines. The resort is equipped with 10 restaurants and 2 bars, each offering a unique dining experience, with a variety of atmospheres and menu options to choose from, each restaurant with distinct offerings:
  • O Pescador: Specializes in Portuguese seafood, emphasizing local catch, and offers ocean views.
  • Piri Piri Steakhouse: Focuses on prime meats paired with Portuguese wines.
  • Zest: Provides health-focused options like juices, smoothies, salads, and light meals.
  • Clubhouse: Offers a variety of international dishes and overlooks the Pine Cliffs Golf Course.
  • Corda Café: Centrally located, offering a casual atmosphere with international dishes.
  • Jardim Colonial: Primarily a breakfast venue with a spacious terrace, offering a full American buffet.
  • Maré at Pine Cliffs: Beachfront location offering a unique beach experience with various amenities and a seafood-focused menu.
  • O Grill: Overlooking the golf course, offering light meals and main dishes, with seasonal variations in offerings.
  • Yakuza by Oliver Algarve: A high-end Japanese restaurant with a touch of Mediterranean flavors.
  • MIMO Algarve: A multi-experience venue offering an express bar, gourmet shop, and cooking school, with night-time wine and snack offerings.
Restaurants at Pinecliffs

Restaurants at Pinecliffs

Beach restaurant at the resort Pinecliffs

Beach restaurant at the resort Pinecliffs

Pinecliffs offers several restaurants within the resort, including a super nice restaurant on the beach

Pinecliffs offers several restaurants within the resort, including a super nice restaurant on the beach

During the summer season there is also the beach of Falesia a grant to serve all our customers and owners. This grant of exclusive beach offers shade with awnings, beach beds, mattresses, towels and access to various water sports service.

The elegance of the Pinecliffs Colonial Garden restaurant

The elegance of the Pinecliffs Colonial Garden restaurant

Pine Cliffs Resort boasts an impressive selection of 12 restaurants and bars catering to diverse tastes. Guests can savor a delightful array of cuisines, including Portuguese, Italian, Moroccan, Indian, Mediterranean, and International dishes. Specialties range from grill delights to fresh seafood at the Beach Restaurant and Gourmet Fisherman. Corda Café offers delicious whips, hamburgers, and snacks, while Delli/Aldan presents a mix of international, Arabic, and Italian flavors. The Main Restaurant provides impeccable service, and for added convenience, Sheraton Hotel and Pine Cliffs properties offer exceptional dining options. With the possibility of room service and even romantic moonlit dinners by the ocean, Pine Cliffs ensures an unforgettable culinary experience for every guest.

At Pinecliffs resort you will find optimal outdoor restaurants

At Pinecliffs resort you will find optimal outdoor restaurants

Celebrate your dream wedding at Pine Cliffs Resort

Celebrate your dream wedding at Pine Cliffs Resort
where we can expertly arrange every detail to make your special day truly unforgettable. With our stunning backdrop of natural beauty and elegant facilities, your wedding will be a magical and romantic experience. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to tailor the ceremony and reception to your preferences, ensuring every aspect is perfect. Whether you desire a beachfront ceremony, a garden celebration, or an indoor event, we have the ideal venue for you. From catering and decorations to accommodation for you and your guests, we take care of everything to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Trust Pine Cliffs Resort to bring your wedding vision to life.

For those seeking intimate dining moments, Pine Cliffs Resort offers an unparalleled Room Service Experience.

Starwood's Luxury Collection & Sheraton Connection

Pine Cliffs Resort is proud to be part of Starwood's Luxury Collection, ensuring unparalleled quality in all accommodations and services. Since its inception, our collaboration with the esteemed UIP (United Investments Portugal) and Starwood Hotels & Resorts has flourished. This synergy brings together UIP's vision with Starwood's expertise in hotel management, solidifying Pine Cliffs Resort's reputation for excellence.

Pine Cliffs Resort affiliation with The Luxury Collection and Sheraton Hotel

The affiliation of Pine Cliffs Resort with The Luxury Collection and Sheraton Hotel, both part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, ensures an exceptional level of quality and a wide range of accommodations and services. The strategic partnership was established when UIP - United Investments Portugal, the resort's owner, entered into a management agreement with Starwood Hotels & Resorts during Pine Cliffs' inception. The choice to collaborate with this esteemed international hotel chain was driven by the belief that their expertise and experience would be the perfect complement for a successful and enduring alliance. Over the years, this partnership has proven to be a testament to the resort's excellence and commitment to providing unparalleled hospitality to owr guests.

Sheraton Hotel Algarve Pine Cliffs, The Luxury Colletion

Sheraton Hotel Algarve Pine Cliffs, The Luxury Colletion
The Sheraton Hotel with 215 rooms offers a selection of spacious, bright, with garden views, golf views and sea views, decorated in an elegant and sober way, are equipped with all expected for a luxurious 5-star facilities. The beds are equipped with top of the range mattresses exclusive "Heavenly bed" that offer additional comfort for all guests. The spaces at the Sheraton Hotel are characterized by a Portuguese influence in the architecture with Moorish architecture, in which several airy interiors, located at various points of the Hotel, invite the light to enter.

The curated offerings of Pine Cliffs Resort include:

  1. The Welcoming Entrance
  2. Luxurious Pine Cliffs Terraces
  3. Exclusive Pine Cliffs Premier Club
  4. The Renowned Sheraton Algarve / Luxury Collection Hotel
  5. Enchanting Porto Pirata - Children’s Village
  6. Professional Five Tennis Courts
  7. Comprehensive Golf Academy
  8. Exquisite Pine Cliffs Vacation Club
  9. Elegant Clubhouse
  10. Sophisticated Pine Cliffs Residence
  11. Charming Casa Pine Cliffs
  12. Challenging 9-hole Golf Course
  13. Breathtaking Beach
  14. Opulent Pine Cliffs Villas

All these state-of-the-art facilities bear the hallmark of meticulous care, as they are professionally managed by the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Group, under the revered Luxury Collection brand.

PineCliffs Sports Facilities

For the active and the sportive, Pine Cliffs Resort presents a myriad of world-class facilities, ensuring both leisure and rigor find a harmonious blend.

PineCliffs, private golf course, tennis camps and other sports

PineCliffs, private golf course, tennis camps and other sports
Pine Cliffs Resort offers a well-appointed golf course with 9 holes, a driving range, and expert golf instructors to assist players in enhancing their swing. Additionally, the resort features two fully-equipped gymnasiums with personal trainers available to offer workout guidance. For tennis enthusiasts, there are 5 courts, including both fast and dirt surfaces, along with a tennis academy to improve skills. After workouts, guests can relax in the sauna or Turkish bath and indulge in professional massages from a dedicated team of masseurs. With comprehensive sports facilities and attentive services, Pine Cliffs Resort is an ideal destination for those seeking an active and rejuvenating retreat.

Golfing Excellence

  • Pine Cliffs Golf Course: Challenge yourself at our picturesque 9-hole resort golf course. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a novice, the greens promise both thrill and tranquility.
  • Driving Range: Perfect your swing under the guidance of our adept professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve your golfing best.
  • Golf Shops: Catering to every golfer's need, our two pro-shops ensure you are always game-ready with the best equipment on hand.

Tennis & Fitness

  • Tennis Courts: Serve, volley, and smash at our five pristine courts – three clay and two hard courts. Our dedicated tennis academy, staffed with experienced coaches, guarantees that your game sees continuous improvement.
  • Gyms: Our two state-of-the-art fitness centers ensure your fitness regime remains uncompromised. Personal trainers are available, ready to assist and offer expert advice.
  • Wellness: After an invigorating workout or a challenging match, relax and rejuvenate with our premium wellness amenities:
    • Sauna: Detoxify and relax.
    • Turkish bath: Experience traditional warmth and steamy relaxation.
    • Masseurs: Indulge in therapeutic massages tailored to soothe your body and spirit.

Pine Cliffs Adventure & Leisure

  • Beach Access: With a panoramic elevator, visitors and owners can effortlessly access the pristine sands, soaking in breathtaking views of the Algarve coast during the descent.
  • Cliffs Path Walk: Traverse the naturally carved paths by the ocean cliffs. This journey not only offers a therapeutic walking experience but also unveils mesmerizing vistas of the vast seascape.
  • Stroll to Olhos d'Agua Fisherman Village: Choose between a scenic cliff-top walk or a tranquil beach stroll to the charming Olhos d'Agua fisherman village. Immerse yourself in the authentic Algarvian culture, and during low tide, don't miss the unique Olhos de Água fresh springs emerging amidst the rocks, a natural spectacle that encapsulates the region's beauty.
  • Low Tide Beach Walk: During low tides, we have the unique opportunity to embark on a 5 km beach walk to Vilamoura, experiencing the coast's raw beauty and tranquility.
  • Water Sports: Dive into excitement and embrace the thrill of the ocean with an array of water sports activities tailored for both novices and experts alike.
  • Beach Club: At our Beach Club, guests and owners can revel in exclusive beachfront amenities designed meticulously for the discerning traveler, ensuring a blend of relaxation and luxury.

Pine Cliffs Location and How to Get Here

  • What is the nearest town to Pine Cliffs Resort?

    Pine Cliffs Resort is nearest to Olhos de Água, a charming fisherman's village. The main town, Albufeira, is just 7 km away. Vilamoura is also 7 km away, but you can walk 5 km along the beach to reach the Vilamoura Marina.

  • Where in Portugal is Pine Cliffs located?

    Pine Cliffs is situated in the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal. It is centrally located on the southern coast, east of Albufeira and west of Vilamoura.

  • What is the closest airport to Pine Cliffs Resort?

    The closest airport is Faro Airport, which is just 30 minutes away. Lisbon Airport is a 2-hour-and-45-minute drive away on the highway. Domestic flights and fast trains, taking around 2 hours and 30 minutes, are available between Faro and Lisbon.

Pine Cliffs resort map

Pine Cliffs resort map
1. Entrance to the resort; 2. Pine Cliffs terraces; 3. Pine Cliffs Premier Club; 4. Sheraton Algarve / Luxury Collection Hotel; 5. Porto Pirata - Childrens Village; 6. Five tennis courts; 7. Golf Academy; 8. Pine Cliffs Vacation Club; 9. Clubhouse; 10. Pine Cliffs residence; 11. Casa Pine Cliffs; 12. Golf course 9 holes; 13. Beach; 14. Pine Cliffs Villas;

Pine Cliffs / Homes for sale

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