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Quarteira, Algarve - Portugal

Quarteira Portugal

Quarteira is a city by the sea. The settlement of the area of Quarteira dates back to Roman times, when it received the Charter of d. Dinis to 15 November 1297. It was in 1999 that Quarteira was elevated to town.

quarteira beach in the summer
The Quarteira Beach in the summer. An image of tranquility by the sea. The background we see the traditional seller of cakes

Quarteira is a seaside town with a economy quite focused on seaside tourism. Is a venue for live for many foreign visitors, due to the tranquility of the city and the low cost of living.

Fishing harbour, West of Quarteira
Fishing harbour, West of Quarteira

Quarteira originally grew as a fishing village, and in recent years the city of Quarteira became an important seaside tourist destination. Quarteira is one of the places preferred by Portuguese families to vacation. Quarteira is also a sought-after destination throughout the year by foreign tourists. Is in Quarteira that we can find the "Marginal", one of the most beautiful seafronts by the sea in the Algarve, completely ornate and paved with the traditional Portuguese pavement. Along the entire length of the "promenade of Quarteira" found several attractions.

Quarteira fishing port

fruit market in quarteira
Entrance to the building of the fruit market in Quarteira
  • The fish market-known as a benchmark in premium quality fish. Here you can find every morning just caught fish
  • Fruit-market with an offer of local fruit, a butcher and a meat market of cheeses and sausages. This market is located next to the fish market.
  • Restaurants-with a wide gastronomic offer of fish and seafood. Here you will find restaurants with gastronomic specialties of fish. Example are the grilled sardines, cataplana, fish, fish, shrimp boiler da costa, and other fish cooked with local recipes.
  • Bars and terraces-truly pleasant seaside locations where you can enjoy a drink or light snacks
  • Pastries-one of the pastries in Algarve, known for the quality of their cakes. The "pastel de nata" is a traditional Portuguese cake, a real delight!
  • local trade-accommodation sites and a Hotel that is a reference in the Algarve for its location facing the sea.
  • The Beach Hotel "Don José"-a Hotel known for excellence of service and location, offering rooms with magnificent sea views.
Cityscape of Quarteira, seafront promenade, beach and Vilamoura Incidental
Cityscape of Quarteira, seafront promenade, beach and Vilamoura Incidental
Seafront hotel in Algarve
Hotel Dom José in Quarteira is among the hotels with the best beachfront in Portugal
avenue of Quarteira
Coastal Avenue of Quarteira, the ideal place for a walk by the sea all year round!
calcadao of quarteira

With a length of approximately 3 kilometers, the "Marginal" can enjoy pleasant walks throughout the year, during the day and night. It is common we see hundreds of people enjoying daily for jogging enjoying the sun in the morning, while others take advantage of banks to stand by and watch the sea, and other wandering the boardwalk after dark to aid digestion after dinner .. .

Quarteira is located beachfront, just to the left of Vilamoura, and right from the tourist resort of Vale do Lobo, separated by a beach just 2.5 kilometers, where it is common to see the tourists walking on family or mode sport.

Watersports in Quarteira
Quarteira in a stormy day
Monument to the fishermen in Quarteira. In this picture the fishermen take advantage to fish the storm!

Quarteira is entertainment throughout the year, with a lot of tourist bustle in the holiday months, and quieter activities during the rest of the year. Due to the temperate climate and influence of the sea, the temperatures remain mild during the entire year, which allows it to be the chosen site for families with children to the rides and various games.

Other areas in Quarteira

Quarteira - satelite

Forte Novo & Cavalo Preto

Forte Novo Quarteira
Traces of the ancient fort at Fort New, Quarteira

The "Forte Novo" owes its name to a fort that once stood on the cliff top. This fort collapsed due to erosion of the cliff prórpia, and is still possible to see the ruins in the sea in low tide.

"Forte Novo" also known as "Cavalo Preto" is located in THIS area of ??Quarteira. It is a place of pine beachfront, where construction is still very sparse or nonexistent. It is much appreciated by nature lovers to stroll, and make picnics. There is a pond formed on the sandy beach, caused by the "Ribeira de Quarteira," a place called "ALMARGEM", chosen by many species of birds to nest site.

It is common to see many people walking along the beach between the "Forte Novo" and "Vale do Lobo"

Quarteira East view, Cavalo Preto - Forte Novo
Quarteira East view, Cavalo Preto - Forte Novo
Quarteira view of East, Cavalo Preto - Forte Novo

The path of the dunes

the dunes walkway, the connection between the city of Quarteira and Vilamoura Resort
the path of the dunes, the connection between the city of Quarteira and Vilamoura Resort

The path of the dunes between Vilamoura and Quarteira. A new psychological Union between the city and the resort. The transformation of this existing way gives a new joy to this beautiful place by the sea. Allows an easy connection to the markets of the fish and fruit market, the marina and the fishing port, the resort and the city, the Vilamoura and Quarteira. The tour of the dunes was inaugurated on 14 may 2016 by the Prime Minister of Portugal and by the Mayor of Loule in the presence of Dr. Telmo Pinto, the Mayor of the parish of Quarteira. An excellent initiative for the improvement of the city

Vila Sol

Just outside Quarteira toward the city of Loulé is the "Vila Sol", a tourist complex of luxury where you can enjoy the golf course of 27 holes, already galordoado with quality awards. The "Vila Sol" also features 5 star hotel, Club House where he held painting exhibitions, cultural activities, tennis court, restaurant and lots of nature. It is a place of much vegetation of pine.

Map of Quarteira and Vilamoura with points of interest

Map of the city of Quarteira
Map of the city of Quarteira

Things to do in Quarteira and Vilamoura

  1. Fish Market
  2. Avenue "Infante Sagres (Marginal Quarteira)"
  3. Art Gallery of the Sea Square
  4. Campsite
  5. Church of "Nossa Senhora da Conceição"
  6. Church "St. Peter of the Sea"
  7. "Fonte Santa" - situated outside the town of Quarteira, "Fonte Santa" got its name because in the past people were heading there to bathe in the waters of the fountain believed to have healing powers for many different ailments.
  8. Lighthouse Gazebo
  9. "New Fort"
  10. Roman Ruins "Cerro da Vila"
  11. Marina of Vilamoura
  12. Casino de Vilamoura

The main festivals and events in Quarteira:

  • Popular Marches - held each year in June and July. Are popular parades celebrating the Popular Saints, St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter.
  • Sardine Festival - celebrated in the first half of August, the feast of the Sardine is a popular event that combines roasted sardines with live music.
  • Book Fair and Craft of Quarteira - This fair is held during the month of August in the "Marginal Quarteira"
  • Book Fair in Vilamoura - this event in July and August
  • Quarteira Market - The Market Quarteira is a fair that takes place every Wednesdays throughout the year. It's a street fair where various goods are traded.
  • Party in honor of "Our Lady of the Conception" - Celebrated on 8 December, this event is one of the most important religious events in the region - the feast in honor of Our Lady of Conception, patroness of fishermen and also Quarteira Portugal .
  • Fisherman's Feast - celebrated annually on the weekend closest to May 31, an event that brings together the best of local gastronomic traditions
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