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Portimão, Algarve - Portugal

Marina de Portimão
Marina of Portimão

Portimão is a place with history! Ever since the times of the Romans, its prime location played an important role in commercial activities. Nowadays, Portimão has become a major tourist area and is one of the business cards visit the Algarve.

The history of the city of Portimão translates into a vast heritage that attracts many visitors every year. But if culture is important, the natural beauty of the area are even more relevant. Its beaches are known internationally, not only for the pleasant water temperature, but also by the trade that supports bathers and provides you with everything you need.

Hence justifies the number of tourists Portimão receives each year, with most of them coming back again and some even decide to stay there!

Beaches in Portimão

Praia da Rocha in Portimão
Praia da Rocha in Portimão

The beaches of Portimão are well known both by the Portuguese, for many foreigners. The coastline of Portimão is truly impressive, with its lofty cliffs that fuse cutouts and create at least interesting. The color palette is varied and intense, creating an aura of rare beauty.

Portimão has several beaches and switches from various hypothesis. You can choose between:

  • Praínha
  • Beach of Careanos
  • Beach of the Three Castles
  • Praia do Vau
  • German beach
  • Praia do Amado
  • Beach of the Three Brothers
  • Praia da Torralta
  • Alvor beach
  • Praia da Marina

On the beaches of Portimão can make various water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or diving. You can also devote themselves to fishing on the high seas, thanks to the variety and size of various species of fish.

Golf in Portimão

In addition to water sports, golf is also a sport greatly appreciated. As such, Portimão made a big bet on the creation of several golf courses, with strokes of extreme quality and appropriately framed the landscape.

Some of the major golf courses Portimao are:

  • Álamos Golf
  • Alto Golf
  • Pestana Golf Resort: Gramacho
  • Morgado Golf
  • Palmares Golf
  • Pestana Golf Resort in Vale da Pinta
  • Sparkling Wine

Arade River

The Rio Arade river is an emblematic region of Portimão. Serra was born in the cauldron and flows in Praia da Rocha. Since ancient times, the Arade River has always had great importance and today its wealth of marine life is well documented.

Gastronomy in Portimão

The cuisine of the region is increasingly defined by diversity and one reason is the introduction of new tastes and dishes brought by the large influx of visitors and the new wave of residents, many of them from abroad. Still, traditional cuisine was not lost on the contrary, continues to delight all.

Fresh fish, molluscs and shellfish are at the top of the food used in the confection of the typical dishes such as casseroles and grilled fish dishes. Other flagship products of the region and today are highly prized olive, carob, almond, sweet potatoes, figs and honey.

Why live in Portimão?

Portimão is a zone where the inhabitants live in communion with nature without having to forego the comfort and benefits of living in a cosmopolitan area. Imagine being able to wake up, open the window and see the sea a few meters away and after only sixty minutes to be catching a flight at Faro airport. Portimão in all this is possible!

The most prestigious international schools are a short drive away and thus will not worry about the education of their children.

If you do not yet know Portimão, do not hesitate and come to know the location of your dreams. Come and discover a lifestyle that exceeds their highest expectations.

Come visit Portimão!