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Olhão, aerial view of the neighborhood of Barreta
Aerial view of the Barreta neighborhood in Olhão

Olhão is a city located in the Eastern Algarve. The history of the city dates back to the late 16th century, when the first fishermen began to build the first Reed huts. In 1715 the first house built of masonry and begins the fast growth Bairro da Barreta , the most charismatic area of town with a Cubist architecture of roofs in açoteias and maze-like streets. Inside the houses the tradition remains, vaulted ceilings, the tiles manufactured by hand.

Tuna fishing in the Algarve
Traditional tuna fishing in the ancient Algarve

During the last centuries the town of Olhão grew and became an important fishing spot, with tuna fishing. The increasing industrialization with the canned fish industry, and all services related to the sea. Currently the city of Olhão is known as the capital of the Ria Formosa. The town of Olhão is located front of the Ria Formosa, aligned with the output of the lighthouse on the island of Culatra. Currently Olhão is a city visited by tourist reasons. The marks of an ancient fishing village combined with the Cubist architecture of a city situated on the coast of Ria Formosa, with sighting of the Islands and the sea, gives the Olhão a unique environment.

View of the Ria Formosa and the Cubist town of Olhão
View of the Ria Formosa and the Cubist town of Olhão
Aerial view of the marina of Olhão
Aerial view of Olhão's Marina

In the Baroque Quarter of Olhão

Typical streets of olhão
Typical streets of Olhão in the district of Barreta

The interior of the neighborhood streets are narrow, and the houses are built glued to each other or with many narrow alleys between. The streets are paved with stone pavement and the facades of the buildings are being traditionally recovered.

Statue of Floripes legend in the Baroque district in Olhão
Statue of Floripes legend in the Baroque district in Olhão

Estátua da lenda da Moura Floriapes, localizada no Caminho das Lendas do Bairro das Barrocas

Bible thumpers in the path of legends in Olhão
Big-eyed Boy statue on the way of legends in Olhão
The legend of the Big-eyed boy on the way of the legends
The legend of the Big-eyed boy on the way of the legends

It is said that in dark nights, there to the sides of Barreta , a very robust boy appeared to fishermen, dressed in just a shirt with big black eyes

As he cried a lot and didn't say anything, the fishermen had pity for the child and took it to the lap

But as they walked, the child's weight increased, and they eventually abandon him on the floor

Over the years the child appeared a little everywhere in the neighborhood of Barreta. But one day the boy no longer appear

People say the Moura Floripes when embarked for the lands of North Africa, took the boy with her. ..

Video about the history and the legend of the city of Olhão

This video about the town of Olhao in the Algarve represents the history of the city and the story of the legend of Floripes told by local people, in a Abel Ribeiro Alves production with the support of the Ministry of culture, operational programme of culture, the European Community and the municipality of Olhão. In the video are represented very interesting moments for those who want to see some more of the raison d ' être of this town

Life in Olhão

Wide market of typical fruit and fresh fish in Olhão
Wide market of typical fruit and fresh fish in Olhão

Olhão is a city with a lot of life by the sea. Being a town of fishermen, Olhão has a fresh fish market open to the public. The surrounding streets are busy and have a lot of tourists who daily visit the city

Fish market in Olhão
Traditional market of fresh fish in Olhão

In the market there is a lot of supply of fresh fish daily. It's a place worth knowing

Fishing dock in Olhão
Fisherman mending fishing nets at the Dock in Olhão

The traditions of Olhão are very visible. Fishing continues to be one of the main livelihoods of the local population. In the West zone of the city of Olhão there is a fishing port. Is located near the industrial zone, which is still very linked to the fish processing

Typical restaurants of Olhão

In recent years, Olhão has seen show up many new restaurants along the coastal Avenue. Most restaurants continue to serve fresh fish so sought after, many other delicious seafood snacks, some typical Portuguese dishes, and even the traditional wine of Portugal. It's worth making a visit to the gastronomic restaurant area of Olhão

Sail in Ria Formosa

Boats on the beautiful ria
Olhão has a coastal front with marina, dock, and fishing port in front of RIa Formosa. From here it is possible to make visits to the Ria Formosa in various types of boat

The ria Formosa is a target sought by sailors from all over the world. Olhão has a port ready to receive pleasure craft, however many of the sailors choose to stay anchored in front of the island of Culatra, between the Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean.

Olhão, passenger boat for the island of Culatra
Passenger transport boat to Culatra island

For those who do not have their own boat, there are several passenger boats that make the call throughout the year between the Islands and the city. If you want a faster travel between islands, can always choose the aqua taxis available 24 hours service

Olhão, taxi boat to the islands
Olhão, taxi boat from Olhão will optionally go to all the islands of the Ria Formosa

Olhão has a lot more to explore, but we recommend to make a visit. If your desire is to live in this place, talk to us for a more detailed explanation. There are many secrets that we can unravel over the Algarve and that everyone should know before ...