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Loulé, Algarve - Portugal

Loulé Market
Loulé is the most extensive and populous municipality in the Algarve

Loulé is a county of many charms, where people can enjoy magnificent landscapes, endless beaches with golden sands and a relaxing pace of life. Area with a wide cultural and historical heritage, traditions of Loulé deserve special attention and are being immortalized in different festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The weather is quite pleasant. The temperature is mild, inviting leisure and outdoor activities during the year and most days are sunny.

Crafts in the town of Loulé

Crafts Algarve in Loulé
Strolling the streets of Loulé found several traditional handicraft shops

Loulé retains many traditions and customs, which are immortalized in handicrafts and potteries coming out of the hands of craftsmen. There is a profusion of articles that depict not only the customs, as well as daily activities and farm chores. These articles are made from different materials such as wood, copper, iron, clay, among others.

Secret store of Loulé
The more traditional store of Loulé is a trip back in time. Worth a visit

Here you will find all the necessary utensils for cooking traditional dishes of the Algarve. Covered, and at the same time everything needed for a kitchen with luxury!

Tradition in Loulé
The traditions in Loulé prevail throughout the ages

Respect for traditions and the role played by natural beauty, the town Loulé attracts more people because of its dynamic and cosmopolitan character. With excellent infrastructure and easy access to various services, be in Loulé is being close to everything. Faro Airport is located within walking distance of 20km and even the best educational institutions are quite affordable. In the case of the International College of Vilamoura, this belongs to the municipality of Loulé, and the International School of Porches is just roughly 25 minutes away.

tourists in Loulé
Tourists in loule on traditional market Street

Loulé is a markedly tourist area, with some of the best resorts in Europe. In Loulé are fabulous projects that have attracted many buyers, including many foreign families left delight by the region. Are examples of this, the developments of Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo, among others. Residents have at your disposal luxury rooms and have access to some of the most prestigious European golf courses, beaches and breathtaking landscapes and are entered in a community hospitable and that accepts with open arms all those who love their land.

Beaches in the town of Loulé

Ancão Beach, Algarve-Portugal
Late afternoon in the municipality of Loulé. Praia do Anção

With a coastline of 13,5km, Loulé has clean, safe and exquisitely beautiful beaches. Framed in lush landscape, encourage swimmers from the discovery through the dunes and enjoy the sunny days lying on the golden sands or take a dive in the warm waters. The beaches are safe and have vigilance as well as other additional services such as catering and equipment to practice various water sports.

The main beaches in the municipality of Loulé are:

  • Vilamoura Beach
  • Praia do Forte Novo
  • Beach ALMARGEM
  • Praia do Loulé Velho
  • Praia de Vale de Lobo
  • Garrão Beach Sunset
  • Garrão Beach Rising
  • Ancão Beach
  • Praia da Quinta do Lago

Golf in the town of Loulé

The municipality of Loulé has many Golf courses of high quality
The municipality of Loulé has many Golf courses of high quality

Loulé is called by some of the national capital of golf because of his extraordinary 13 golf courses that attract thousands of tourists every year. Integrated tourism complexes in some renowned golf courses of Loulé are frequently the scene of major European games and contests.

All this success is due to the unique characteristics of these fields, including the breathtaking scenery, the pleasant climate, the quality of the services and infrastructure of the same. These details prove to be extremely important in the case of many golfers who expect access to excellent conditions.

In Loulé you can find the following golf courses:

  • Orange grove Golf Course (Quinta do Lago);
  • San Lorenzo Golf Course (Quinta do Lago);
  • Quinta do Lago Sul (Quinta do Lago);
  • Quinta do Lago North (Quinta do Lago);
  • Pinheiros Altos (Quinta do Lago);
  • Royal Golf Course (Vale de Lobo);
  • Ocean Golf Course (Vale de Lobo);
  • Vila Sol (Vilamoura);
  • Victoria Golf Club (Vilamoura);
  • Millenium Golf Course (Vilamoura);
  • Pinhal Golf Course (Vilamoura);
  • Laguna Golf Course (Vilamoura);
  • The Old Course (Vilamoura).

Ria Formosa

bridge to the beach in Ria Formosa
bridge to the beach of Quinta do Lago in Ria Formosa

The Natural Park of Ria Formosa is a landmark of the municipality of Loulé and stretches for 60Km. About the visit is not indifferent to the immense variety that exists there, from flora to fauna. In the Ria Formosa Natural Park can still find a variety of ecosystems and some species of little-known birds.

Nossa Senhora da Piedade
Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Piedade em Loulé

Heritage in the town of Loulé

Church of Nossa Senhora de la Piedade

Beyond the intangible heritage that lives on in the memories and traditions of the people of Loulé, there is also a vast heritage material that can and should be known and allows us to better understand the history and customs of Loulé. So do not forget to visit the locations mentioned below:

  • Arc of Grace Convent
  • Igreja Matriz
  • Castle
  • Convent of the Holy Spirit
  • Museológico Polo Traditional Cuisine
  • Polo Museológico of Dried Fruits
  • Ponte Medieval
  • Ruins of Exit
Loulé, Algarve Portugal
Loulé Castle, Castle of Arab origin, rebuilt in the century. XIII