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Carvoeiro:. Algarve: .. Portugal

View of the village of Carvoeiro
View of the beach and the village of Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is a village located on the western Algarve in the municipality/concelho of Lagoa, in the South of Portugal. With a population of approximately 2700 inhabitants, Carvoeiro is a holiday destination well known for beaches between the cliffs. The village was built around the praia do Carvoeiro.

homes in Carvoeiro
Traditional streets in the village of Carvoeiro, Portugal

The traditional houses with sea view are one of the exlibris Carvoeiro. The streets of Carvoeiro are narrow, origin of a fishing culture, in which the architecture was being adapted to the measurements of the needs.

Summer tourism in Carvoeiro
During the summer months, the village of Carvoeiro has constant activities.

During the bathing season, the village of Carvoeiro is very busy with visitors from all backgrounds. The owners return to the village, the emigrants visit their relatives and tourists enjoy the beaches and the warm weather to have fun and get to know the region of the Algarve. Nautical activities are constant.

history of the origin of the name of Carvoeiro, Portugal
"Caboiere" means old village of fishermen...

According to historical sources, the current name of the village CARVOEIRO would have derived from the word "Caboiere", an ancient village of fishermen of medieval Arab origin. In recent years the village has grown with the growth of summer tourism. Until the arrival of mass tourism, fishing was the main economy and livelihood of the local population of Carvoeiro

Center of Carvoeiro

The Centre of the village is composed of 3 main streets and a square (praça). The road access to the central square in front of the beach, the street that comes out towards the city of Lagoa and the street that runs parallel to the coastline, where we find most of the restaurants of Carvoeiro.

Reasons to visit the Carvoeiro

Traditional village of Carvoeiro

In addition to village worth visiting, Carvoeiro has a very peculiar surroundings. Due to the town having grown up in an area of limestone cliff, the main attractions near the village of Carvoeiro are the landscapes that can be admired walking around, or his own warped nature that create environments and unique sites.

Algar Seco

Viewpoints of Algar Seco

The Algar Seco is a coastal site near Carvoeiro where we can observe and walk between recesses stairs in limestone on the seafront. There is a bar with terrace where you can be watching the landscape while enjoying quiet moments

Escarpment in Algar Seco, Carvoeiro
Natural pools of Carvoeiro
Terraces on the seafront, Algar Seco, Carvoeiro
boat trip to see the caves

There are some places that need boat to get access, however, boating along the coast is a fantastic option to get to know the landscapes seen from the sea.

Grotto of Benagil

Caves of Benagil, Carvoeiro
Algar de Benagil, known as caves of Benagil, in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is much visited due to being a traditional village very well maintained over the years, however some neighbouring fishing villages are also responsible for attract tourism. One of the most sought-after photos in the Algarve region is taken in Benagil, a fishing village next to the Carvoeiro. The gruta de Benagil is a place that deserves a visit

Marinha Beach

Beach Marinha
Sailboat off the coast of Marinha Beach, Carvoeiro

Praia da Marinha, awarded by many entities around the world, is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.