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Almancil • Algarve - Portugal


Almancil Algarve is one of the best land that combines its historic importance to current and cosmopolitan dynamism. With nearly 200 years of history, Almancil has a vast historical, physical and intellectual heritage. In addition, its strategic geographical position, make this location one of the most desirable tourist areas across Europe

Moreover, Almancil is home to many foreigners, which provides the existence of great cultural diversity, as well as a very nice economic condition. In this regard, it is interesting to note that Almancil is the place with the highest per capita ratio of banking institutions across the country.

One final feature is its proximity from Faro International Airport, which is located only about 14 km. Equally important, is to refer to the greater focus on improving health care, with the new hospital to be built in the same parish of Almancil. All these factors make it increasingly greater number of people, including foreigners, searching the area in search of a better quality life.

Finally, it should be noted its proximity to two of the Algarve's finest institutions of international education: international school in Vilamoura (within 20 minutes) and the International School of Porches (30 minutes).

Beaches in Almancil

beaches of almancil

Almancil has a coastline of more than 12km, where vacationers can relax in the sea or on the fine, white sands. All beaches have blue flag signal that are safe for both children and adults. In addition, they are also monitored and have beach facilities in abundant numbers and with good quality.

You can also entertain themselves with the practice of various aquatic activities, including windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkeling, among others.

The most famous beaches in Almancil are:

  • Garrão Beach
  • Beach of Vale do Lobo
  • Ancão Beach
  • Praia da Quinta do Lago

The proximity of the Mediterranean is reflected in warm, calm waters and a pleasant climate most of the year.

Golf in Almancil

Golf Almancil

Obligatorily Almancil has available to its residents and visitors a total of seven golf courses, with different characteristics, in order to please and attract different types of players.

All fields are known worldwide and it is quite common to find persons of national and international reputation among those who use them.

You can choose from the following golf courses em Almancil:

  • Royal Course (Vale dos Lobos);
  • Ocean Course (Vale dos Lobos);
  • North Course (Quinta do Lago);
  • South Course (Quinta do Lago);
  • Orangery (Quinta do Lago) who received the award for Best Golf Course in Portugal Travel Awards 2011;
  • San Lorenzo Golf Course (Quinta do Lago);
  • Pinheiros Altos (Quinta do Lago).

Environmental and Cultural Patrimony

Due to the unique geographical and environmental characteristics of the area, Almancil gathers environmental assets sought by many researchers and academics. Almancil is that we can find some rare species of plants and birds that are the delight of scholars and curious too! Here are some of the sites;

  • Ria Formosa (Nature Reserve)
  • Natural Reserve of Ludo

With respect to the historical and cultural heritage, art (religious and secular) occupies a front place in the priorities of Almancil. Below you will find some suggestions:

  • Church of St. Lawrence
  • São Lourenço Cultural Centre
  • Art Gallery of Social and Cultural Association of Almancil
  • Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Art gallery resort of Vale do Lobo

Recreational activities and leisure

Church of San Lorenzo
Church of San Lorenzo, one of the attractions of Almancil

In addition to the many leisure activities linked to the sea and the countryside, Almancil also has various festivities that encourage residents and visitors, both night and day.

Here are some of the festivities and events:

  • Feast of St. Lawrence
  • Feast of St. Louis
  • Festa of Pinha (Game)
  • Summer Party and Communities (Village Almancil)
  • Musical concerts
  • International Tennis Tournament (Vale do Lobo Grand Champions)

Why live in Almancil?

Almancil meets all the desirable features in a tourist destination and especially in a place to live. Here you can dedicate yourself to leisure and the pleasures of a quiet life, in touch with nature and all that this gives us.

Find beautiful beaches, a mild and pleasant climate aleado an unparalleled commercial and social dynamism. Almancil is an area rich in every way and as such an enviable quality of life will provide him.

Come to know the area and will surely be in love with this "land of a thousand delights"