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Albufeira, Algarve • Portugal

Albufeira, Algarve - Portugal
View of the beach of Albufeira and the old town

Albufeira is one of the iconic cities of the Algarve not only for its beauty but also for its location and infrastructure. Located just 37Km from Faro International Airport, Albufeira also has a good network of road and rail transport.

History of Albufeira

Albufeira style

Although not exactly the origins of Albufeira, it is known that was an important location for the Romans who built that aqueducts, bridges and roads area with some traces of them still visible today. The term "reservoir" is derived from the Arabic name "Al-Buhera" which means "Sea Castle" highlighting the geographical position of the area. More recently, in the 60s, Albufeira began to receive many tourists, especially Englishmen who contributed greatly to its current tourist reputation.

Albufeira properties facing the sea in the old town
Albufeira properties facing the sea in the old town

Gastronomy in Albufeira

Terraces of restaurants in Albufeira
Terraces of restaurants in Albufeira

The gastronomy of Albufeira is very rich and diverse, in part thanks to tourism that brought influences from many international cuisines. Still, thanks to its proximity to the sea, seafood and fish occupy a place of excellence to the restaurants and homes of albufeirenses table. A stew of fish, shellfish rice with cuttlefish and ink are some of the dishes.

With regard to chocolate, candy stand out made from figs, almonds, gila or carob.

Cultural Events in Albufeira

Bayou brings together a wide range of cultural events that combine the past with the present and provide the city a unique cultural dynamics. Some of the most significant cultural events are:

  • Carnival Paderne;
  • Celebrations of the Day of the Municipality;
  • Festival Al-Buhera;
  • Fair S. James;
  • Food Festival in Albufeira;
  • Sardine Festival;
  • Fisherman's Feast.

The Fisherman's Feast is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic festivals of the region. Lasting for three days in September, due on Fisherman's Beach and attracts the crowds with their traditional games, pubs, folk music and folklore shows.

Beaches in Albufeira

City of Albufeira
View from praia do Penedo, fishermen's Beach, Praia do Inatel, German Beach

The 30km of coastline is one of the main attractions of Albufeira. The magnificent white sand beaches and warm waters are the delight of all and form an enviable natural heritage.

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches of Albufeira:

  • Salted;
  • Gale;
  • Manuel Lourenço;
  • Evaristo;
  • Castle;
  • Coelha;
  • San Rafael;
  • Arrifes;
  • Peneco;
  • Fishermen;
  • Inatel;
  • Germans;
  • Aveiros;
  • Oura;
  • Santa Eulalia;
  • Maria Luísa;
  • Eyes of Water;
  • Barranco of Belharudas;
  • Cliff;
  • Rock Shorty.

Golf courses in Albufeira

How could it be, Albufeira offers excellent conditions for golfers. The Balaia Golf Village  e o Pinecliffs Golf Course make available to its customers a field with 9 holes, ideal for initiation into the sport or games short, but intense. The Salgados golf course account with 18 holes, double the previous.

Why live in Albufeira?

Downtown Albufeira

Albufeira has a unique way of providing welfare to all who visit or live in it. The city combines the natural beauty and tranquility to a diverse range of services:

  • Marinas
  • Beaches
  • Attic
  • Boulevards with shops for shopping
  • Clubs
  • and more ...

thus being one of the most emblematic places of the Algarve.

Tourists have one in Albufeira tourist destination, known for nightlife and the toasty warm waters during the day.

Families who choose to live in Albufeira thus have access to a higher quality of life, not forgetting some important aspects such as health and education.

With regard to this last point it should be noted the proximity of Albufeira in relation to two of the most prestigious private schools across the region, namely the International College of Vilamoura e a International School in Porches. Only at a distance of roughly 20 minutes, both schools offer an excellent curriculum that can be taught in English.

For all these reasons, no wonder Albufeira is always well classified in depicting the quality of life rankings, performed regularly by various organizations and institutions.

Learn more about where to live or invest in Albufeira.

map of Albufeira

Albufeira was once a small fishing village, is now known in Portugal as the tourism capital. To get an idea of ??the importance of tourism to this coastal city located in the central Algarve in Albufeira just seeing that reside throughout the year about 60,000 people when it reaches the peak of summer arrives ace 350,000 people. Although most people looking for house in Algarve want a house near the sea, about 60 000 residents of Albufeira, living on the outskirts of the city where the range of choice is greater; & nbsp; The houses are newer, areas tend to be larger and the prices per square meter lower. Due to the large number of beaches and good access to the vast majority of owners, the beaches are never more than five minutes by car. Over the years the small village it was expanded by creating zones within the city totally different this virtual tour seeks to inform.

View of the city of Albufeira in the viewpoint above the fishermen's Beach

Old Town

AV da Liberdade Centre of the old town of Albufeira

As the name implies, this is the oldest part of the city, is where we find some of the oldest houses and buildings that tend to have more traditional facades. It will be here where you will find most traditional restaurants facing the beach, magnificent terraces strategically placed so you can enjoy every minute of sunshine, local craft stores, the fishermen beach, the numerous hotels and a nightlife that in the summer months is truly buzzing. The type of property for sale the most common, are the apartments of 1 or 2 rooms in buildings that over the years have been repossessed or even completely rebuilt and & nbsp; new posts in real estate or rental. Due to the different elevations of the city, many of these apartments have magnificent views over the sea and the city, the vast majority of homes in the "old town" is a short walk from the beach.

albufeira Beach
Albufeira Beach in June

São Rafel & Galé

Gale Beach
Praia da Galé, March 1, Algarve-Portugal

São Rafel / Galé is a quiet area located west of Albufeira, about 4 kms from the center. Here there is a huge variety of magnificent beaches, from the smallest, ace hidden beaches where you can only access by boat or sandy beaches of fine white sand, with over 5kms long. Initially there were only isolated dwellings which sought the proximity of the sea, but nowadays it is possible to find several buildings with apartments for sale and great views of the sea. In addition to a golf course the beaches, restaurants, bars and supermarkets are within walking distance.

Albufeira Marina

Marina of Albufeira

Albufeira is situated about 500 meters from the city center, the building is new and the architecture is contemporary. Its hallmarks are a variety of colors with all Villas, apartments and townhouses were painted. The marina itself was excavated through a small ridge and is completely sheltered from the sea. Around the marina there is an area of ??shops, restaurants and bars, taking ideas for a meal or just enjoy the sun while the kids play safely. We backlog various types of apartments on the first line and second line, with prices really attractive.

Albufeira Marina is considered by many as the most safe and sheltered from Portugal, is part of a tourist complex of high quality, where only 29% of the area of ??deployment is aimed at construction, the remaining areas are composed of green spaces.

The location is excellent as it is situated in central Algarve, from where the motorway linking Lisbon to the Algarve. Faro International Airport is just 40 kms away. Albufeira Marina currently has capacity for 475 vessels of all classes of vessels from recreational boating. Infrastructure are recognized quality and include boxes repair, 4 workshops, "travel lift"Club Nautico and reception.

Albufeira Marina is divided into two distinct phases, the first phase is now complete. This development consists of four distinct major components:

It is also at this Marina that are located bases of several major shipping operators, which in many tourist programs, make known the wonderful coast of Albufeira, undoubtedly to explore a different part of western Algarve way.

Marina de Albufeira Tourism

entrance to the maritime port of albufeira
View of the entrance of the port of Albufeira
Marina de Albufeira Tourism
  • Two luxury hotel units with a total of 590/4
  • An aparthotel with 75 apartments
  • A holiday village with 220 apartments
  • A covered car park for 1100 cars
  • A yacht club
  • Marina for 475 boats
  • Moorings for jet skis
  • Maritime tourism activities
  • Cycle route
  • Hiking Trails
Marina de Albufeira Commercial (26.000m2)
  • Restaurants, bars and the like;
  • Support services for tourist exploitation;
  • Shops of traditional commerce;
  • Comprehensive services to support recreational boating.
Albufeira Marina Residential
  • 390 residential apartments and 2nd home;
  • 133 Villas uni family
  • Parking
Albufeira Marina Leisure, Culture and Sports (7,500 m2) Phase 2
  • Child space, youth and senior,
  • a theater, exhibitions,
  • "health-club", "bowling",
  • extreme sports,
  • themed entertainment and electronic JOGOS traditional
  • "baby-sitting",
  • "press center",
  • music and games store, bookstore,
  • "fast-food", etc;
  • A Romantic Garden with 20,000 m2 of open area
  • In the sports field will include two football fields of international dimensions and various "courts" of tennis.

History of Albufeira

  • 2008 - Marina de Albufeira obtained environmental certification under ISO 14001 through the minimization of environmental impact.
  • 2010 - Albufeira Marina has been awarded the Blue Flag certification
  • 2010 - Marina de Albufeira was awarded the 5 Gold Anchors by TYHA / British Marine Federation.

Regarding housing part, the Marina is divided between the tourist village, the apartments and freehold detached villas.
The & nbsp; "Apartments" & nbsp; have a modern design and are situated about 100 meters from the basin of the Marina. It consists of 220 apartments T0, T1, T2 and T3 types.
Are sold with mandatory rental conditions where the owner is entitled to three months and where the remaining 9 months are offered for exploration. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, have large areas, housekeeping, air-conditioning, satellite TV, telephone and safe.

Some of the facilities available to the owner and customers of the package accommodation:

  • Gardens sprat
  • Adult pool and children's pool, supervised
  • Snack Bar
  • 24 hour reception
  • Telephone, fax and internet terminal
  • Laundry
  • Parking in private underground car park
  • Free minibus to the center of Albufeira and the beach
  • 24Hours Security
  • Mini-market
  • Restaurants

On Marina apartments have full property types T1, T2, T3 or T4, share common pools of each block of flats and have private underground garage. The Isolated Houses have 3 or 4 bedrooms, private pool and garden. Any of these types of properties do not have any obligation to rent.

Praia da Oura & Montechoro

Oura Beach Albufeira
Oura Beach in March, Albufeira

The Beach Oura / Montechouro is located about 3 kms from the center of Albufeira. In conjunction with the center of the old town this is the area of ??greatest diurnal and nocturnal movement. In the warm months the approximately 2kms linking the area of ??& nbsp; Montechoro of the Beach Oura, Becomes an avenue totally geared to tourists, here you will find all sorts of bars, restaurants, clubs, small shops trading and all that is related to the traditional tourist.

In terms of property for sale apartments of one and two bedrooms with a few years there in the majority. Not ideal for those who want to rest or stay, anywhere can be a good deal for those looking for some weekly profitability. The area is mostly residential Montechoro.

Balaia & Santa Eulália

Beach of Santa Eulalia
View of the beach of Santa Eulalia with praia da falésia in the horizon

Balaia / Santa Eulália is a quiet area with a tradition and where are located the magnificent beaches of Maria Luisa and Santa Eulália. Both have beach facilities with & nbsp; quality restaurants and several hotels of 4 and 5 stars. Most of the villas and apartments are used as second homes and summer is that the vast majority is used. This is one of the areas where there are more green areas, and is characterized by a mix of apartments, newer construction with another new and older detached houses.

Olhos de Àgua

Olhos D'Água
Praia de Olhos d ' Água, on February 23 in Albufeira

It is a small fishing village located about 10kms from the center of Albufeira that recent years has also grown around the main beach. Here you'll find a small resident community, some good restaurants traditionally fish and small bars with terraces facing the sun. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. In terms of real estate is the largest supply of apartments of one, two or three bedrooms; the buildings a little farther away from the beach are newer and have good finishes and reasonable areas.

Açoteias & Falésia

Falésia Beach between Albufeira and Vilamoura
Falésia Beach between Albufeira and Vilamoura

Is situated between Albufeira and Vilamoura, the beaches are covered by cliffs in red tones and the fine sand beach is the most extensive in the Algarve. This area has some of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts, traditional restaurants and a famous athletics track where every year resulting international competitions. The facilities at the disposal of the athletes and the mild climate throughout the year offer ideal conditions to practice these types of sports. The type of real estate in this area is varied and within or outside the resorts gated community, there are several types of apartments, townhouses and detached houses.

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