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All about Gold Visa / Golden Visa - Interview with Attorney...

Gold Visa • Residence Permit in Portugal

What is Gold Visa / Golden Visa?

What is called Gold Visa / Golden Visa Is not strictly speaking a 'visa', although there is also something in that category. The Gold Visa / Golden Visa is a "residence permit" to enter and remain in Portuguese territory for investment purposes (hence the generic name, more accurately, ARI - residence permit for investment). It is intended to be awarded to anyone who is not a citizen of the European Union or the Schengen area, or is under implementation, requires, and fill, primarily related to investment property acquisitions and / or certain job creation requirements . Rates / fees for application and renewal are applicable and must be prepared in advance the documents necessary to verify the conditions of assignment.

What are the benefits of Gold Visa / Golden Visa For foreign investors?

The benefits are many. Essentially a simplified and privileged way to enter and remain in Portugal, which allows its holder to reside and invest in this country, and also create links with the Portuguese territory and other territories which are related through the "Schengen area" and eventually countries with which Portugal has privileged international agreements. It is the form entry and stay in simpler Portugal, and has special conditions for assignment. It is a visa that creates bonds which, if kept in certain conditions, may later allow a request for assignment of Portuguese nationality or request for a permanent license.

What are the necessary requisites for obtaining Gold Visa / Golden Visa?

The requirements for obtaining Gold Visa / Golden Visa are several, but first, are eligible applicants that meet at least one of three conditions:

  1. Investment / capital transfer of at least 1M euros, under certain conditions;
  2. Creation and maintenance of a certain number of jobs;
  3. Acquisition of properties of minimum value of half a million euros, there are other conditions for the award, with the nationality of the applicant intended these securities and the lack of prior criminal practice or security alert in the Schengen system. It is recommended that the applicant seek advice before submitting an application.

How long can foreign investors   ? benefitting  

The residence permit is granted for an initial period of five years, in which they must maintain the requirements of your assignment, and there minimum periods of stay in the country during the years of the permit. The authorization may be renewed every two years, fulfilling the requirements of the assignment. All without prejudice to the holder can later apply:

  • permanent residence permit
  • or Portuguese nationality.

Who can take advantage of Gold Visa / Golden Visa?

The title Gold Visa / Golden Visa intended to "nationals of third States", ie citizens of territories not included in the European Union.

What is the purpose of Gold Visa / Golden Visa?

Apparently in addition to making attractive the Portuguese territory and seeks to capture investment and job creation. Alternatively, it seems, to facilitating contacts between Portugal and abroad, promoting culture, real estate investment, international relations, and eventually the integration of immigrant investors, through permanent or even requests for national titles. Moreover, it seems that this type of securities may allow its holders a privileged access to territories that Portugal has good relations (as for example the Portuguese-speaking countries, most of them growing economies)

There was talk of the Schengen agreement, what is it?

The Schengen Agreement is an international agreement between several countries (most countries of the European Union, with a few exceptions) and other territories, which governs access and transit of citizens of these countries, facilitating and regulating the international movement of people. Contains several exceptions (notably in social, political or economic concrete contexts), is on the rise in the number of adherent territories, though their gradual implementation is delayed in many areas of subscribers. There are a variety of exceptions and limitations imposed by various signatory countries, although in general the agreement allow ample transit for citizens of the United underwriters.

How does the beneficiary proves that carries the title of Residence Permit?

The title is presented in the form of card with informative data of the beneficiary, as the example in the picture below


There are more relevant information to investors about the Gold Visa / Golden Visa?

There are more details, but they are techniques and law decree become very complex, since the translation of foreign language requires too much attention issues.

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