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L'Orangerie in Vilamoura


The luxurious and modern development L'Orangerie is located in prime area of Vilamoura, surrounded by renowned golf courses, Millennium and Victoria, mere 3 kms from the beach and the famous Marina Vilamoura. The development comprises 93 villas and apartments that reflect the best of contemporary architecture. These properties are inserted in a condominium with an area of 70,000 m2 surrounded by extensive green areas at the forefront of the golf course.

L'Orangerie, first stage and second stage

L'Orangerie, GOLF FRONT properties
In the new Property Development phase we still have availability on apartments, houses and Villas with golf front view

The first phase of L'orangerie condominium was a success. Our clients attribute some of the main advantages to factors such as:

  • The Architecture-the architecture of the first phase of L'orangerie was thought to provide a pleasant life for families. The disposition of properties facing the Sun allows the houses to enjoy a great inner luminosity. The exterior of the houses facing gardens and swimming pool, with proper privacy and with the possibility to enjoy the resort of a super relaxed and safe way.
  • The security of a gated community and 24-hour surveillance With surveillance, the exterior of the houses is facing gardens and swimming pool, with proper privacy and with the possibility to enjoy the resort of a super relaxed and safe way.
  • Return on investment-with great appreciation of properties in Portugal, especially in the Algarve and Vilamoura, the owners who have purchased real estate in recent years have found the foot hold and investment quality. Vilamoura is currently one of the fastest growing sustainable tourist resorts, with unsurpassed quality in relation to the services provided.

Properties for sale in Portugal L'orangerie-new phase 2

2nd phase L'orangerie

The new Villas L'orangerie are positioned in front of the Golf in Vilamoura. Inserted in a condominio with 24 hours surveillance bushland, these new homes are being greatly sought after. Below we present the various types available

Please contact us as soon as possible, due to the large demand for reserves that we're having at the moment

Villas for sale, L'orangerie Algarve

Villa for sale

The villas for sale are located on a private plot of approximately 1000 m2. The villas have indoor areas of approximately 236 m2 divided into ground floor and basement with garage. Below we present a house plan. The villas with private pool and are inserted in the condominium gardens

  • Villa Typology: T3
  • Lot area: 1,039.76 m ²
  • Housing area: 156.13 m ²
  • Basement (incl. garage): 80.58 m ²
  • Building: 17
  • Floor: ground floor and basement

L'orangerie VILLA, fraction cc

Plan of the villa for sale with private pool inside private condominium with 24 hours security. The example fraction is CC

Villa in front of golf course
VILLA L'Orangerie, fraction cc
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Single-storey villas for sale in Portugal

semi-detached house for sale
Semi-detached house for sale in Portugal

The villas ground floor houses for sale in the second phase of the private condominium L'orangerie are composed of a ground floor and outdoor garden. The owners of the villas have the enjoyment of every condo facilities, Garden, communal pool, Concierge service and 24-hour surveillance, 2 parking spaces. The exterior of the villas ground floor houses consists of a surrounding gardens and golf

Houseplant semi-detached two rooms, L'orangerie

The two-bedroom townhouses are comprised of:

    1. entry
    2. Garden
    3. Hall
    4. be room
    5. dinner room
    6. terrace
    7. kitchen
    8. inner courtyard
    9. Room 1
    10. 1 bathroom
    11. room
    12. 1 bathroom
    13. parking lot
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Flats for sale in Vilamoura L'orangerie

Flats for sale in condo L'orangerie
Flats for sale in condo L'orangerie

The apartments for sale are available in units of

  • Three-rooms apartments with interior areas of approximately 141 m2, divided into two floors
  • Two-rooms apartments with interior areas of approximately 143 m2, divided into two floors
  • One-room apartments with interior areas of approximately 93 m2, divided into one ground floor

Duplex apartments front golf with sea view for sale

Duplex apartment for sale
Apartment duplex for sale in Portugal, Vilamoura

Apartment for sale in gated condo, with types of a floor and two-story duplex typologies. The apartments are in a stage of completion, expected to be finished soon. Currently the prices of these apartments are expected to increase due to the high demand of customers. The apartments are situated in a place of great profitability

Three bedroom apartments

Three-bedroom apartments consist of:

  1. Hall 1
  2. Hall 2
  3. 1 bathroom
  4. Room 1
  5. kitchen
  6. balcony
  7. common room
  8. 1 terrace
  9. stairs
  10. Hall 3
  11. Room 2
  12. bathroom 2
  13. Room 2
  14. 3 bathrooms
  15. terrace 2
  16. collection
  17. parking lot
Three-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie
Three-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie
Two-bedroom duplex apartments

The two-bedroom duplex apartments are composed by:

  1. Hall 1
  2. lavabo
  3. Dining room
  4. kitchen
  5. balcony
  6. Living room
  7. 1 terrace
  8. stairs
  9. Hall 2
  10. Room 1
  11. 1 bathroom
  12. Room 2
  13. bathroom 2
  14. terrace 2
  15. collection
  16. parking lot
Two-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie
Two-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie

Single-storey apartments for sale

Apartment for sale
Apartment for sale in Portugal, Vilamooura

The single-storey apartments are facing the golf and sunset, overlooking nature. These properties are apartments with excellent potential investment return

One-bedroom apartments

The one-bedroom apartments for sale consist of:

  1. Hall
  2. kitchen
  3. patio
  4. Hall
  5. lavabo
  6. Suite room with private bathroom
  7. bathroom
  8. common room
  9. terrace
  10. collection
  11. parking lot
One-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie
One-bedroom apartment for sale in condo L'orangerie
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L'Orangerie 1st phase

L'Orangerie communal areas
The common areas of l'Orangerie are wide

The villas and apartments in the condominium L'OrangerieOffer clean and simple lines, Golf courses and Victoria and Millenium MAR views make this venture a haven of tranquility. Both areas of the houses as areas for common use have fairly large areas and are designed to take the best advantage of the long hours of daylight and still maximize the potential of outdoor living, providing a natural link between the interior spaces and outdoor. L'Orangerie projects a harmonious balance between the materials used in finishing where everything has been planned to the last detail.

l'orangerie apartments

At L'Orangerie you will find a wide range of apartments, villas and townhouses, with private pool and garden or common, where every detail has been carefully thought out. With an enviable location in the sophisticated and glamorous resort of Vilamoura, this development L'Orangerie offers the perfect setting for those seeking a lifestyle of excellent quality to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Vilamoura is a natural for all those who love the outdoors paradise, its extensive network of bike lanes and pedestrian paths, equipped marina with 1,000 berths and a wide variety of stores, large green areas, 5 camps Golf international quality as well as variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and casino, make this destination a local election.

map of the l'Orangerie condo
map of the l'Orangerie condo 1st and 2nd fase

Duplex T3 • ref 142274

Semi-detached Villa V2 • ref 142213

Semi-detached Villa V2 • ref 141605

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