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96 - Falésia Beach > Vilamoura, Algarve

Falésia beach in Vilamoura
Falésia Beach in Vilamoura with surveillance, restaurants and beach bars

Falésia Beach in Vilamoura is one of the most popular beach of the Algarve due to several factors:

  • The proximity to the Centre of the Algarve,
  • the quality of the beach in terms of infrastructure, cleaning and water quality
  • the large expanse of sand,
  • the beach feature that maintains a "empty tide" constant,
  • the easy parking
  • the beach bars and the parties here happen
  • proximity to the nautical centre

among many more aspects that make this beach a Portuguese Beach election by visitors

falesia beach
praia tranquila
praia de aguas transparentes
spacious Beach
falesia beach restaurant
sailing in vilamoura
Falésia beach is ideal for sailing because of the proximity to Vilamoura Marina. Here in Vilamoura there is also a sailing club where you can store your smaller boats
Sunset vilamoura
walks on the beach
Falésia Beach in the Algarve, a good beach for lovers of hiking throughout the year
Winter in falesia
During the winter, praia da falésia is local surf sports, hiking, games on the beach
surfing in praia da falesia
Mild winters allow you to enjoy the beach in Algarve all year round
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