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Vilamoura Marina from the first beginning

Quinta do Morgado
Quinta do Morgado, the land where the resort of Vilamoura

Vilamoura was created in the former Quinta do Morgado of Quarteira, a farm with 1600 HA acquired by the founder, Mr. Arthur Cupertino de Miranda. The design of the Vilamoura resort we know today was created around the Vilamoura Marina. It all started in the late 60 and early years 70 years. The first excavations began in 1971, and in 1974 came the first sailboat in the Vilamoura Marina. Vilamoura Marina has since grown and the resort of Vilamoura has grown around too. Currently Vilamoura is already more than a marina. Due to the large positive acceptance Vilamoura received by visitors and residents, Vilamoura has become over the years an important center of tourism and private accommodation. Vilamoura offers recreational infrastructure that currently receive international recognition, namely: Vilamoura Marina, 5 golf courses, International College, tennis, running and fitness areas, sailing club, conference rooms with a capacity for thousands of people. To increase the quality of time in Vilamoura, there are hotels, restaurants, bars. The inhabitants and visitors of Vilamoura recognize that it is a place to live which offers the possibility to enjoy high quality of life

excavation of the marina in 1971
Excavation of the marina in 1971, the beginning of the construction of the Marina of Vilamoura
Excavation of the Vilamoura Marina view from the air
Escavacao of the Vilamoura Marina views from South
The first boat to enter the marina of vilamoura in 1974
Sailboat Giralda, the boat of his Royal Highness the count of Barcelona

First boat to enter the marina of Vilamoura was in 1974 was the sailboat Giralda of his Royal Highness the count of Barcelona

vilamoura Marina 1974
vilamoura Marina 1975
vilamoura Marina 1977
vilamoura Marina 1979
vilamoura Marina 1980
marina de vilamoura 1989
vilamoura Marina 1994
vilamoura Marina 1999
vilamoura Marina 2001
vilamoura Marina 2005

Vilamoura, Algarve - Portugal

Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
Aerial view of the town of Vilamoura, Marina, hotels and the beach

Vilamoura is according to many, the best tourist destination in Portugal and even Europe. It is a luxury destination, associated with a sophisticated lifestyle, but at the same time relaxing. About 30 minutes from Faro International Airport, Vilamoura meets all conditions as a great holiday destination, or for the more fortunate, as the site for housing.

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