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Quinta do Lago > Algarve • Portugal

Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago is a tourist development of national and international reputation, being known as one of the most luxurious and exquisite projects of its kind in Europe. With a wonderful beach and several golf courses, among which stands out the San Lorenzo, Quinta do Lago has all the conditions to conquer nature lovers and leisure.

Geographical Location and Climate

Quinta do Lago is located in Algarve, in the county Loulé, Freguesia of Almancil. Framed a tourist, cosmopolitan and endowed with excellent infrastructure, the region Quinta do Lago is one of the greatest references of the Algarve.

Its location near the Atlantic as well as the proximity of the Mediterranean sea, give it unique characteristics that impact on areas as diverse as leisure, gastronomy and tourism. These same characteristics that justify the mild climate, sunny days most of the year, as well as the pleasant temperature of the sea.

Fostering a luxurious lifestyle, Quinta do Lago is surrounded by excellent infrastructure, and is itself the epitome of sophistication and a high standard of living. Faro International Airport and the International College of Vilamoura, for example, are distant only 16 km from the Quinta do Lago and the International School of Porches 45 km.

Luxury properties in Quinta do Lago

Townhouse in Quinta do Lago
Quinta do Lago is synonymous with luxury properties located in the middle of a golf course, finished to a high luxury. These properties are the product most sought by big investors and people looking to own something unique. Dream mansions are only available to large investors, artists, and people of great success. Known as the site of increased investment luxury in Portugal, and the most desirable of Europe, the resort of Quinta do Lago is the place to find the home of your dreams site. Here you can find properties starting in million euros, luxury condominiums located in the secluded villas, designed by world renowned architects, with prices amounting to several million euros. Currently we have dozens of properties for sale in Quinta do Lago, including affordable properties in Monte da Quinta Club

Praia da Quinta do Lago

Beaches of Quinta do Lago and Ria Formosa

Praia da Quinta do Lago is located in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park and is known for its beauty. With an extensive and without rocks beach, the ideal water temperature and a set of rare beauty dunes, the beach of Quinta do Lago also has the advantage of being inserted into a luxury resort. Access is via a pedestrian bridge made of wood that with its features, is the largest in Europe.

With surveillance and blue flag is an ideal beach for families, although its dunes conferring a certain romance.

The Ancão Beach is located between Quinta do Lago andVale de Lobo and also has a large areal size. Considered by many as the most secluded beach in the municipality of Loulé, is great for those who like privacy. It is partially surrounded by a very rich forest area in terms of fauna and flora and integrates the Park of Ria Formosa. Despite the privacy that gives bathers, has available four different accesses and gathers all the usual support for bathers.

Finally, you can also opt for Garrão Beach West also located between Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo. Although smaller than the other, the Garrão Beach Sunset also offers the services needed and is therefore a good alternative.

Golf at Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago has immense pride in their golf courses, a fact that is evidenced by the construction and reputation thereof. Seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape of the Ria Formosa, the golf courses of Quinta do Lago are harmonious and contain several strategically placed along the pathways elements to improve their aspect. Here both amateurs such as golf pros can live unique experiences that make miss and make you return again and again. That alone justifies the prizes, the prestige and the level of the events held at Quinta do Lago.

You may choose from the following golf courses:

  • Pinheiros Altos - 27 holes;
  • Quinta do Lago Norte - 18 holes;
  • Quinta do Lago Sul - 18 buracos;
  • San Lorenzo - 18 holes;
  • Orangery - 18 holes (Prize for Best Golf Course in Portugal 2011).

Parties in Quinta do Lago

If, on the one hand, the days are animated, divided between the beach, golf, water sports and many other recreational activities, night not far behind. Quinta do Lago is set in a highly dynamic municipality that favors artistic and cultural events, so the nights are always busy.

Still, if you do not want to get out of Quinta do Lago, at his disposal two nightspots, the T-Club Trigonometry and discos where you can enjoy unforgettable moments.

Map of Quinta do Lago

To find out more about this fantastic place, can make Download the map of Quinta do Lago. The map is available in 2 versions:

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