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95 - Falésia Rocha Baixinha Beach >> ALBUFEIRA - Portugal

Sunset on Falésia beach
Sunset on Falésia beach in June during a hiking between Vilamoura and Olhos de Agua

Sunset on Falésia beach in the Algarve. Falésia beach is a usual site for lovers of hiking and excursions. There are several entrances to the beach along the entire length, from Vilamoura to Albufeira. Leaving from Falésia Beach in Vilamoura near the Marinda, the total length to the praia do Barranco are 5 kilometres, however during the empty tide it is possible to go more away, heading to Olhos de Água, even until the end, walking a total of approximately 12 kilometers to each direction. There are parts of the path that will be necessary to perform in cliff-top paths

vilamoura Beach
Rocha Baixinha Beach between Vilamoura and Albufeira

The Rocha Baixinha beach is the continuation West of praia da Falésia. The total length of the beach is 5 km to the beach of the ravine, Albufeira. At the top of the cliff there is a pedestrian path to walk from Vilamoura to Olhos de Água, by nature, with fantastic views of the beach and sea. In the Rocha Baixinha beach there are several Beach known exploits:

  • Rocha Baixinha Beach
  • Tomates Beach
  • Adriana Beach

Rocha Baixinha beach

Rocha Baixinha beach

The Rocha Baixinha Beach has a beach with a restaurant by the rise of the cliffs, then the beach is followed by approximately 600 metres of wild Beach until the beach of tomatoes

caminho de passeio

Tomates beach

Tomates beach

The beach of tomatoes should the name agricultural land cultivated with vegetables. The beach has beach restaurant, a dirt parking and lifeguards

tomates beach

Adriana / Poço Velho beach

Abdriana beach East

The Adriana Beach, also known as Poço Velho beach. Direct access is done by a stairs built on the cliff

Adriana Beach

Falésia Beach

falesia paragliding

The warm winds that ascend the cliffs allow more adventurers enjoy the scenery from the air, in extreme sports.

tomates beach spring sports
Panoramic view of Tomates beach in March

In this course that divides Vilamoura and Albufeira there is also a traditional time, where the reality of great cosmopolitan cities does not penetrate. Here we can observe farm fields and methods of life still very traditional

vilamoura Beach path

For those who want to have access to bars and restaurants without having to walk on the sand, there is a wooden path between the beaches of Falesia and the Rocha Baixinha Beach

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