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46 - Prainha, Portimão - Algarve

Prainha beach

Prainha beach is a small beach in clipped cliff, surrounded by natural beauty, with decorative rocks create a wild environment right in the Algarve

The recesses in the rocks allow you to discover the various journeys between beaches and some caves, creating feelings of discovery ...

Cave in the rocks on the beach of Prainha, Alvor-Algarve, Portugal

In these small beaches protected from winds it is common to see people enjoying the Sun throughout the year. In this panoramic photography taken in our report of 30 January we can observe a group of tourists on the left, walking on the beach, and on the right side a group of people in bathing suit enjoying the Sun

The top of the cliff the landscape is a natural beauty with a range of colors in motion which allows us to observe something really beautiful!

There are two ways to access directly the beach Prainha. One option is to access by stairs built between the cliff and the second option is to go through the middle of the cliffs at the end of the beach of three brothers

Praianha beach in summer time

During the summer season the Prainha beach can become very crowded due to the small size, however continues to be a very nice beach, despite the agitation caused by the vacationers that create a relaxing cheerful atmosphere

It is very nice to watch the families, the friends in constant and good living environment