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43 - Meia Praia Beach, Lagos - Algarve

meia praia beach
The Meia Praia beach in Lagos has a 5 km extension

Beach with a large expanse of sand. The Meia Praia in Lagos is provides for wind sports, such as windsurfing and sailing. It is a beach with a predominance of wind land.

The Meia Praia has an extent of 5 kilometers, from the pier of the port entrance to the Jetty of the ria of Alvor

The city we see in this picture is Alvor, and the cliff until near the area of the Vau in Portimão. Cross walk down the beach to the beach of Alvor is not possible due to the ria of Alvor, which divides the two beaches.

From the top of the Meia Praia beach we have a panoramic view of the city of Lagos to the Ponta da PIedade