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Marinha beach
Marine Beach in the municipality of Lagoa is one of the most photographed beaches throughout the year in the Algarve

In Marinha beach on the southern coast of Portugal the Heart-shaped Rock seen from the cliffs is the icon that makes Marinha beach one of the most photographed beaches in the Algarve, however there are more beaches whose get confused as the Marinha Beach, namely Mesquita beach and the Buraco beach

algarve Marinha beach
The different perspectives allow us to dazzle the natural beauty of this beach

Mesquita beach, West side of Marinha beach

caves of praia da Marinha
Marinha cave beach and a boat in algarve, the south of Portugal

The Mesquita beach is the beach immediately to the West side of the Marinha beach. Although the beach access be done by Marinha Beach, the beach is commonly known with a distinguished name

transparent water beach
Praia da Marinha is a transparent water Beach and sea usually calm

A beach with transparent water, protected from winds by a cliff, sand and rock bottom becomes a beach ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling

Marinha beach WEST
View of the beach from the Navy to the West
Marinha beach EAST
Marinha beach EAST side
Algarve beach with beautiful scenery
Marinha beach details
Boats and people
The boats, the people, the colors, the cliffs, the Sun, the sky, a multitude of elements into one photo
Emotions and senses attuned, we feel that we are on the beaches of the Algarve.

On the beach of the Navy starts the track of the 7 Valleys Suspended

seven suspended valleys trail
The seven suspended valleys trail on the cliffs of Marinha beach

The trail of the 7 valleys suspended begins in praia da Marinha and follows to the Carvoeiro. On this trail you will be able to walk several kilometers of coastline, idyllic landscapes, pleasant vegetation, feel the scents of Broom, Junipers (fruit used for the production of Gin) and other plants native to the region of the Algarve. You can also observe birds and beasts harmless small business

seven suspended valleys
There are informational boards of seven valleys suspended in several places along the route

For the more adventurous, the 7 valleys suspended ride is an activity not to be missed. The path is easy, yet features some areas of ravine. The total hike are 5.7 kilometers from the beach of the Navy until the end of the course in Vale de Centeanes, near Carvoeiro

The Algarve coastline > Portugal
Along the way there are coastal locations where attention is required

In this picture we can see the edge of the cliffs along the coast of the way of the seven valleys suspended with a landscape of seagulls stops on the cliff, a tour boat of tourists and the sea with various shades between green and blue