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63 - Carvalho Beach, Lagoa - Algarve

carvalho beach
Carvalho Beach, a beach protected by a cliff and with access for tunnel dug by hand
carvalho beach panoramic
Panoramic photo of Carvalho Beach
carvalho beach ambiance
A beach of relaxed excited by the activities of jumps into the water.
carvalho beach cliff dive
Jump to the water of the cliff

Carvalho Beach is constantly enlivened by adventurers who enjoy the opportunity to jump into the water from the cliff, both on the left side of the beach as the right side. The recesses dug in Cliff facilitate access to this animation.

carvalho beach gallery

There are paths dug in the rock where the bravest can have access to the area of hops to water

carvalho beach afternoon
Due to the height of cliffs, the beach is with shade in the late afternoon
boat in carvalho beach
Tourist cruise near the shore in Carvalho beach