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38 - Camilo Beach, Lagos - Algarve

Camilo beach
Camilo beach in Lagos, Portugal

Camilo beach is a beach with access made by a huge wooden staircase. At the top of the cliff there is a restaurant with the same name as the beach: "Camilo's restaurant".

camilo beach activities

It is curious to see what happens when we observe a portion of the image. There's so much always so much history going on simultaneously: the man who enters the cave; another man who observes the sea; a lady who takes photographs; two young frolicking joyfully; Some people descaçam and take advantage of the Sun's rays; people who observe ...

Algarve landscape
Landscape of the western Algarve

The Algarve region is divided into 2 distinct areas: the western Algarve and the East Algarve; The East Algarve is known for beaches of dunes, with the landscape of serra in the distance; the western Algarve is known for, with reddish colors jagged cliffs and much of North wind, which turns the sea in a plain blue color full of different toanlidades. Ideal for those who like to sail.

Lagos landsacape

In this picture we can see praia do Camilo to the left side, praia da Dona Ana in the background, and much beauty!

You can enjoy fantastic strolls through the cliffs, however care is needed

Praia do Camilo is facing East, and has a cliff behind to defend the wind, which leads to a beach without wind