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Secret beaches between Vau and Alvor, Algarve

From the village of Alvor, Portimão until you can traverse the coastline in search of torn coves on the cliff. There are several beaches with difficult access and some are accessible only by sea. Here we find some small beaches with fantastic landscapes

Alvor coast to Portimao
The coastline from Alvor to Portimão has a jagged cliff with many hidden beaches.

Video of the coast of Ford and Portimão

A small island at the end of the peninsula

Joao de Arens beach
Joao de Arens beach, a small secret beach...

The beach João de Arens is a beach with a very difficult path carved into the cliff

One secret beach in Algarve
One secret beach in Algarve

This beach in the Algarve is difficult to access and rather small, however it is a small wonder to dazzle.

access to beach John Arens
Access to beach John Arens

Video of beach John Arens

The Observatory Cave

Algar is the name assigned to the erosions in the cliffs that lead to the famous caves. The Dens begin with small holes in the top of the cliff caused by the accumulation of water tearing limestone to connect with the caves. The end result is the collapse of the cliff. Despite creating fantastic landscapes, the danger of erosion is a reality in the cliffs of the Algarve

Video of an Observatory of Algar in Algarve

Submarine Beach

Submarine beach is a beach with difficult access. The beach is composed of several small sectors, with rock formations and caves. Due to the surroundings, the feeling we feel at the beach is awesome in terms of acoustic waves, smell of the sea, and a stunning view