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66 - Albandeira Beach, Lagoa - Algarve

Albandeira arch
Albandeira beach arch, a natural rock formation eroded by natural elements...

Praia de Albandeira is internationally known due to the arch-shaped rock formation that divides the beach.

The Albandeira beach is among the most sought after by lovers of photography throughout the year. It is common to see pictures in Fine art style similar to this. One of the landscapes promoted in the Algarve

The entrance of the beach gives access to a small beach sheltered by a Cove. Although the entrance to the beach be spectacular, the arch-shaped rock formation which gives the name to Albandeira lies in the Cove to the right side

Albandeira beach aerial view

Aerial view allows the perception of Albandeira Beach morphology

The Albandeira Beach consists of a small Cove, with two beaches protect the cliff. It has easy to keep children under surveillance, however the rocks may contain some additional dangers.

There is a curiosity in the middle of the beach. A rock that looks like an animal. Each person sees what he wants!