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Algarve, the place to live


What makes the Algarve a great place to live? Algarve is a beautiful and relaxing region of Portugal, offering a diverse landscape, warm weather and an endless list of things to do and that everything in a family atmosphere.

Algarve is located in southern Portugal. Immersed in a Mediterranean climate, the Algarve is a vast land of majestic mountains, blue water and green fields blessed with the smell of the Atlantic Ocean and a plethora of wildflowers. The coastline is beautiful and can get everyone to fall in love with the region while exploring the huge range of cliffs and rock formations that border the sea. There are several beaches along the coast, many of which are pristine with crystal blue water. The beaches make the Algarve one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe.

Golf and Beach

The road system of the Algarve is quite extensive, making it very easy to walk around and visit the entire region. All major cities are located just one hour from the Faro airport. The main cities in the Algarve are:

  • Faro
  • Carvoeiro,
  • Albufeira,
  • Lagos,
  • Monchique
  • Portimão,
  • Loulé,
  • Silves,
  • Tavira
  • Vilamoura(Quarteira)
  • Almancil, Where as the tourist resorts are located Vale do Lobo Resort and Quinta do Lago

The Algarve has many roads that run throughout the inner region (countryside) revealing the diverse terrain of hills, mountains and plains. You can also get a taste of the rich culture of the Algarve. There are some traditions that can still be observed today. Skilled artisans continue to use traditional techniques to create array of baskets, textiles, ceramics, brass and copper articles.

Besides the charming and peaceful landscape of the Algarve, there are also particular smells and flavors of the traditional Algarve cuisine. People can experience the rich flavor of cooked chickpeas and cabbage, which is a traditional food in the mountains, or enjoy any of a variety of dishes from seafood including clam Cataplana that is cooked in a pot or fish stew. People can also enjoy the delicacies of the region such as almond, carob and fig.

Algarve Gastronomy

The weather in the Algarve brings a ray of sunshine with seasonal rains, while the sea breeze brings relief from mild weather to warm weather during most of the year. This hot weather makes fun outdoor way of life. Algarve is the ideal place for people to enjoy pleasant walks, cycling, horse riding, golf, surfing, kayaking or tennis. These are just some of the options available in the Algarve throughout the year. People can also enjoy sightseeing, visit a zoo, theme park or water park. There is so much to see and do in the Algarve!

The Algarve has a very wide range in infrastructure quality for those looking for leisure or business. It is a destination increasingly sought for special events.

Algarve Business Center
Algarve Business Center

The region is divided into three major areas: the western (windward), eastern (Sotavento) and central Algarve.

Western Algarve

Marinha Beach
Marinha Beach

Barlavento Algarvio is the image of paradise. Here along the coast you will find numerous sandy beaches nestled among small bays or peaceful coves that are surrounded by unique caves, caves and rock formations created by erosion and limestone cliffs.

Along the western side of Albufeira are mixed several villages with their beaches. The economy of the region depends heavily on tourism, but still maintains a modest and relaxing atmosphere. Ferragudo is a small town on the coast with a beautiful beach, an old castle and several riverside restaurants. The popular fishing port in Portimão is located further down the coast. Passing through Portimão, you will discover the Meia-Praia, a fairly large beach, ideal for hiking. Further down the beach, you will reach the city of Lagos. Lagos is a point of reference for tourism as well as for fishing. Although not a great place for sightseeing, Ponta da Piedade has some very original and exciting rock formations to visit. As you head further west, you will come to Luz where some of the villages of the genuine fishing area can be found. The Costa Vicentina Natural Reserve) is also located here. From here you can travel further west to Cape St. Vincent or north towards Aljezur, a popular surfing spot.

Central Algarve

Central Algarve stretches from Faro, the capital of the Algarve, to the west of Portimão. The center of the Algarve is the most preferred location for tourism. The small town of Almancil is the local point of all the resorts that stretch along the coast. Quinta do Lago, Loule, Vilamoura and form a triangle of luxury resorts. Albufeira is the most popular and busiest resort in Central Algarve. Further west, there is a small resort of Armacao de Pera and Porches as well which is a quiet and charming village, known for its pottery. Carvoeiro was once a fishing village. This seaside resort is situated along the coast. The town of Silves is found inside situated near the River Arade. The small fishing village of Ferragudo is located on the eastern side of the River Arade. It is a quaint little village untouched by tourism. On the western side is the Arade Portimao, which is considered the western Algarve. Portimão is a busy fishing port and commercial center. A little further down the Alvor is a peaceful fishing village.

Eastern Algarve

Aerial view of Ria Formosa
Aerial view of Ria Formosa

Eastern Algarve is not as populated or known to the tourism industry. Many of the towns are separated from the sea by Ria Formosa, with ponds, marshes and salt marshes separating the Atlantic Ocean.

The Ria Formosa (Protected Natural Reserve) is situated along the coast and further inland there are small rural towns scattered throughout the field. Estoi is a peaceful and historic town known for its castle and Roman ruins pink. It is situated north of Faro. Traveling east, and is Olhão Moncarapacho. Continuing east is the charming town of Tavira. Along the Spain-Portugal border is the town of Monte Gordo.

Algarve and Golf

Algarve Golf Courses

Algarve is world renowned for its magnificent golf courses. Are 35 fields and temperate climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year make Algarve region a paradise for lovers of this sport.

  1. Floresta Park
  2. Boavista Golf
  3. Onyria Palmares
  4. Penina Championship & Resort Course
  5. Pestana Alto Golf
  6. Golfe do Morgado
  7. Álamos Golf
  8. Pestana Gramacho Golf Course
  9. Pestana Vale da Pinta Golf Course
  10. Vale de Milho
  11. Pestana Silves Golf Course
  12. Oceanico Faldo
  13. Oceanico O'Connor
  14. Herdade dos Salgados
  15. Balaia Golf Village
  16. Pine Cliffs
  17. Oceanico Victoria
  18. Oceânico Millennium
  19. Oceanico Laguna
  20. Oceânico Old Course
  21. Oceanico Pinhal
  22. Pestana Vila Sol
  23. Vale do Lobo Ocean
  24. Vale do Lobo Royal
  25. Quinta do Lago South
  26. Quinta do Lago North
  27. San Lorenzo Golf Course
  28. Pinheiros Altos
  29. Quinta do Lago Laranjal
  30. Benamor Golf
  31. Monte Rei
  32. Quinta da Ria
  33. Quinta de Cima
  34. Castro Marim Golf
  35. Quinta do Vale Golf Resort

There are many good reasons to call home Algarve.

  1. The local people are very friendly and welcoming. Most of the inhabitants speak English.
  2. The environment is healthy, clean and free of pollutants. Both air and water are clean. There is a relatively small population of people and the land that is still in its natural state. There are no large industries. Agriculture and protect the country from further development of the region and preserves the environment. The Natural Park of Costa Vicentina is located on the west side of the Broad Atlantic Ocean in a protected coastline of cliffs and rock formations. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  3. It is easy to move around the Algarve. There is not much traffic, and there is a train line that runs through the entire region. The westernmost stop is in the city of Lagos. For moving by car is easy to find a place to park.
  4. There are plenty of opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, surfing, sport fishing, and parasailing, water skiing, diving and sailing. Leisure activities include paddle tennis, tennis, bowling, squash, blo-karting, mountain biking and paragliding. The Karting kart track located in Portimao Race Circuit is among the best spots in the world of karting. The Autodrome circuit is in Superbike World Championship.
    One of the best places to watch birds is on the Sagres peninsula. The village of Sagres is on the west side of Route Vicentina. Has a hiking trail that crosses most stunning landscapes of the Algarve. Jeep safaris are available along the coast for those who are interested in exploring the interior of the Algarve. Algarve has a number of attractions that are fun for the whole family, from water parks and theme parks to zoos, boating and entertaining Go-Karts. These activities can be found between Faro and Portimão west. An activity is very popular with tourists and locals are the water parks, which are located in Quarteira, Alcantarilha and Lagoa.
    Lagos also has a zoo. There is a must visit Zoomarine, an amusement park located near the village of Guia - Albufeira which is quite popular. It is a combination of a zoo, marine center and an amusement park. The main attraction are the dolphins. Zoomarine is fun for the whole family. In addition to the animal exhibits and aquarium, there are restaurants and pools to enjoy. The town of Silves is Krazy World theme park and a zoo, Zoo Algarve.
  5. Algarve is popular for its golf courses. Here there are 35 golf courses with most of them in central Algarve.
  6. Algarve has a variety of delicious foods that are grown locally, including almonds, figs, olives, grapes, citrus fruits and sweet potatoes. In addition, people can enjoy the taste of cured hams and known acorn fed black pig Alentejo. Cheeses, especially soft cheeses blended and the oil are also excellent food. Fishmongers have local grouper, sea bass of the Atlantic, and golden bream, as well as oysters, mussels, clams and barnacles.
    Winemaking dates back to ancient times. With the use of modern equipment and techniques, the production of wine has improved greatly in the Algarve. As a result, there are some excellent vineyard site. An example is the Quinta do Barranco Longo, in Silves.
  7. The cost of living is much lower in the Algarve than the rest of Europe, including costs such as property tax, health and public transport. In addition, there is a ten-year exemption from income tax for foreign residents, including those who come to Portugal to retire. This exemption applies to those with foreign income with a double taxation agreement.
  8. There's also good health care services. Portugal has a free national health service that deals with acute and emergency conditions as well as the routine needs, such as vaccinations. Prescription medicines are not only funded, but are also deductible. Non-surgical procedures have a month to wait six months and can go up a list of a year of waiting, depending on the surgery required. In addition, there is a hospital and private clinics affordable network. Private insurance are available and easily accessible. Health and dental services, veterinary care is available and accessible also throughout the Algarve.
  9. Algarve's economy is different from the rest of Portugal, since it depends heavily on tourism. Despite the crisis in Europe that feels, the Algarve continues to be one of the local preference for European investors exquisite taste and retirees from northern Europe in vacation homes, second home. The more than 300 days of sunshine a year, mild temperatures, security and friendliness of the people make the Algarve Algarve one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe. Quick and easy access to all European countries starting from Faro airport makes landing daily, throughout the year, thousands of Europeans in search of the wonderful sunshine. The Housing and infrastructure quality make the Algarve a great place to invest in property for a vacation rental or permanent residence. For those who prefer flat and dry areas the best option is the Eastern Algarve, Loulé and Tavira. For those who prefer the open green setting the right option is the interior Algarve, Mamelete, Monchique and Alferce. For those who enjoy the nightlife there are the coastal areas of Lagos, Carvoeiro, Portimao Albufeira and Vilamoura.

Algarve offers beautiful scenery of mountains and plains, mountains and prairies, lakes and rivers, national parks and groves bordering the vast Atlantic Ocean. The people are warm and welcoming. The weather is sunny and warm most of the year. The air is clean and fresh. Algarve offers a style of quiet and relaxed life, away from the fast and often stressed world. Overall, the Algarve offers a healthier way of life.

Algarve Real Estate Golf
Algarve Golf Course

Beaches Golf Live safely 300 + days of sunshine a year! Algarve, what more can you ask for?

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