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Portugal is a country of sun, beaches, beautiful landscapes

Portugal, Europe
Portugal, Europe

From north to south, Portugal offers wonderful sensations throughout the year. The extensive planting of vineyards that produce the best wines in the world, the wonderful food, known and recognized worldwide for causing sensations of wonderful tasting.

Fish meals with a true taste of the sea that we can enjoy throughout the coastline, traditional dishes that each region has to offer, the hospitality of the Portuguese people, the beaches of white and golden sand, the heat throughout the year,

culture of discovery, the monuments, the golf, the other infra-structures of first quality, the quality of roads that allow touring the country safe from north to south, airports that put Portugal just 2.5 hours north of Europe .

the coastline of Portugal is an attractive unique.

Portugal - hosts events world-renowned

Portugal is the country chosen for various international events in various sports and cultural modes.

  • European Football Championship
  • "World Rally Championship"
  • PGA - Professional Golf Tour
  • ASP World Tour - World Championship surf
  • America?s Cup World Series
  • Rock in Rio
  • among many other important events ...
Map of Continental Portugal, Madeira and the Azores (satellite view)
Map of Continental Portugal, Madeira and the Azores (satellite view)

With a coastline that stretches for 1230 & nbsp; miles in continental Portugal, the Minho Algarve, 667 km in the Azores, 250 km in Madeira, Portugal is a country where the sea has a very large influence on the way of life of the population. To its countless beaches that support tourism, offer wide range of leisure activities. Enjoy fabulous sunset, stroll along the beach, surfing, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, bird watching,

Surfer Garrett McNamara filming when he surfed the largest
Surfer Garrett McNamara filming when he surfed the largest "wave in the world" in Nazaré, Portugal

Economy in Portugal and the Traditional Portugal

The Portuguese economy is currently led by the services sector. The Portuguese Gross Domestic Product is distributed in:

  • Trade and services 74.7%
  • Industry 22.9%,
  • Agriculture 2.4%

Although fishing in Portugal have had great importance in the past, today is an activity with only 1% of the active population, and is still very traditional in creased population. In many more traditional locations along the coastline you can stroll through the fishing ports and see the traditional boats that are still heavily used by fishermen.

Portuguese fishing boat trawler

It is these traditional artisanal fishing villages where you will find some of the restaurants that cook authentic gastronomic wonders with fresh fish ...

Portugal is much more than this short presentation we have here in the estate "Algarve Real Estate" website. Portugal is a beautiful country, from north to south, from the coast inland, Portugal has so much to see and know that it is hard to describe everything.

No sul Algarve Portugal

Our company is located in southernmost region of Portugal, in the Algarve. Company founded by countrymen, people born in the Algarve and have traveled and lived all over the world, but continue to choose the Algarve as the best place to live and raise children.

Portugal is a country of wonderful sensations. Quality in the countries with the cheapest level of life in Europe. The security of living in a country of warm and welcoming people, are just some of the aspects that make this small country one of the best countries in the world to live.

Visit Portugal and discover why so many people choose Portugal as a country to live.

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